Planned Parenthood Got a Raise ... At Your Expense


Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest abortion provider – just got a substantial raise in taxpayer funding, yet is “serving” fewer and fewer women.


The abortion giant builds its reputation on the supposed “care” it provides women, but pads its bank accounts from abortion.

Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report shows that it took in more than $553,700,000 in taxpayer funding.  That’s a nice 5% increase in taxpayer funding, while providing 11% fewer “services.”

So Planned Parenthood got a significant raise for doing less work.  As LifeNews notes:

It appears to be a part of a bigger problem: Planned Parenthood is having an increasingly difficult time getting customers of any kind through its doors.

The 2,500,000 patients Planned Parenthood saw in 2014 is the lowest annual number reported by Planned Parenthood since 1998. A quick look at the numbers contained in its report shows that the number of “services” PP provided to its customers fell from 10,590,333 in 2013 to 9,455,582 in 2014. This represents an 11 percent drop in services provided by Planned Parenthood.

In fact, Planned Parenthood’s own report shows a nearly 25% drop in non-reproductive health care services provided to women.

That’s staggering.  Yet, Planned Parenthood has had no trouble exploiting its abortion-centric business model to bilk the taxpayer of millions more dollars.


While the taxpayers were forced to increase funding for an organization performing fewer services to fewer women, Planned Parenthood’s own supporters reduced funding for the organization by nearly 10%.

As the American people become aware of Planned Parenthood’s true business model – built on the backs of aborted babies – they are less and less likely to (willingly) fund this organization.  The American taxpayer on the other hand has no choice – at least up until now.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on a critical measure to defund the abortion giant.  Using the reconciliation process, it will be the first time a piece of pro-life legislation has a legitimate chance of landing on President Obama’s desk.  It’s an important first step in a long fight to stop increasingly giving more and more of our tax dollars to big abortion.

It’s time for the blood money to end.

Matthew Clark is Senior Counsel for Digital Advocacy with the ACLJ. Follow Matthew Clark: @_MatthewClark.


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