Trump Campaign Serious About Winning Black Votes

<bulwark> {sniff} Is there no limit to Trump’s rudeness?! Is there no limit to his utter lack of Bipartisanship™?! How unsophisticated! How declasse! How uncouth!


How dare he?! {sniff} In all my years of condemning my fellow Republicans, I have never seen such a breach of tradition and decorum!

Both Sides™ must denounce this atrocity in no uncertain terms! We must take the High Road™ and insist that these field offices are closed immediately! {sniff} </bulwark>

What has our prissy neighborhood Bulwarkian’s lips all furled up is this new story out by the Washington Examiner.

President Trump is opening 15 urban campaign field offices in an aggressive bid to improve his performance with black voters, who for decades have been an overwhelmingly Democratic constituency.

As we all suspect, most likely at a Bipartisan™ cocktail party in the distant past, our sophisticated consultant class betters in the GOP; people much like Steve Schmidt and Stuart Stevens, worked out a great Bipartisan™ deal that conceded the black vote to the Democrats in perpetuity in exchange for more cocktail invitations and occasional appearances on TV.

And so, Republican campaign operatives and consultants have since then endeavored to ensure that no Republican campaign offered any real competition to Democrats for the votes of the black community. Which often included not only sabotaging any outreach efforts but advising their candidates to meekly accept being called racists.

After all, to do otherwise would be rude, and given how much the Democrats depend on black people voting as a bloc, unfair. Even immoral.


† In case anyone thinks I’m exaggerating the ridiculousness of what passed for logic among GOP campaign operatives, I give you Liz Mair. Now, naturally, an arch NeverTrumper, she used to host a site called GOP Progress – for “moderate” and “progressive Republicans”, where it was seriously argued that the GOP seeking black votes would be “wrong” because it would be too damaging to the Democrats’ electoral prospects and turn America into a “one-party state.”

Which offers one explanation of how the consultants running Ed Gillespie’s campaign in Virginia “didn’t see” Ralph Northam’s blackface/KKK picture in his yearbook during the same campaign he was calling Gillespie a white supremacist.

Meaning they probably did see it, but decided against using it because it would have been “Trumpy” and “unfair”. Not to mention “elevate the discourse”, “Bipartisanship™”, “better than that” and, of course, they wouldn’t have been able to show their faces in “polite” society again.

And now, Trump has come along, and instead of respecting their long running Bipartisan™ agreement, his campaign has torn it all up and is in the process of ruining it all by actually campaigning, seriously, for black votes.


Five offices are slated for Florida: Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. In North Carolina, branches are opening in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro. Others will be located in Atlanta, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee.

Trump has retired the ad hoc “What the hell do you have to lose?” pitch to black voters from 2016 and replaced it with a sophisticated targeting operation with tailored messaging and policy appeals.

So lips are furled, panties are getting wadded, hot tears are being shed and dainty little feet are being stamped all over the Acela Corridor. And that’s just Republicans.

All joking aside; Democrats, from the upper echelons of the DNC to the editorial suites of major news media organizations are extremely worried about this turn of events.

Desperate Democrats are now trying to redefine voter suppression to include any attempt at convincing black people to vote Republican.

Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for Priorities USA … [is] concerned Republicans would commit what he regards as “suppression” of the black vote — either through legislation in the states or subversive messaging that demonizes the eventual Democratic nominee.

Interestingly, election season adverts accusing Republicans of supporting lynching don’t count as “subversive messaging.”


Speaking of which; I hope to see a massive ad campaign making these points;

  1. the Democrats have had almost 60 years of exclusive political power in the black community and the results are in. They have failed – and Einstein had something to say about that.
  2. being so non-competitive politically means neither Republicans nor Democrats are fighting for the black community’s votes and therefore neither feel the need to deliver …
  3. the Democrats’ fear mongering and race-baiting in every election is an admission of failure, and the fact that they have nothing else to offer …
  4. the Democrats have no right or claim to your votes. You’re not an “Uncle Tom” for looking at alternative perspectives and solutions, especially after 60 years of failure.

It’s long overdue, but the main thing is that the Trump Campaign has been telegraphing its intent since last year to do the unprecedented for a Republican campaign and ask black people for their votes. And now, again breaking precedent, it’s putting its money where its mouth is.



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