You're Not Being Paranoid; The Trans Lobby Is Targeting Children

In this Sept. 23, 2018 photo, transgender Bruna Benevides attends the Gay Pride Parade in Niteroi, Brazil. The presidential candidacy of far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro "represents a step backward and we are very worried," said Benevides. "But being transgender has never been easy. We have always been fighting (for acceptance) and will just continue to fight." (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

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I honestly don’t care if a fully grown man or woman decides he or she is a member of the opposite sex and proceeds to augment and mutilate himself or herself with injections and surgery.


My problem with this is the deliberate targeting of vulnerable children by the LGBT lobby.

In the UK, we’re talking about children as young as 3 years old being diagnosed by supposedly sane experts as being “transgender.” Numerous school districts across the United States in thrall to the LGBT lobby have classes in which activists instruct little boys and girls to cross-dress and “reconsider” their gender – all without parental knowledge or consent. In Illinois, Democrat Governor Pritzker has made such instruction mandatory with no option for parents to opt their children out.

The campaign against “conversion therapy” for gays has transferred itself to also prohibiting any therapy to assist children to come to terms with and accept their biological sex. Which is actually the healthiest outcome by any measure, as opposed to condemning a child to a lifetime of therapy, sterility, hormone shots and continuous surgery. And that’s not to mention the high likelihood of cardiac, skeletal and circulatory issues.

In every other case of body dysmorphia – from anorexia to a girl just wanting bigger breasts – therapists are supposed to discourage healthy patients from going under the knife and encourage them to accept their bodies as they are. It’s only transgenderism that encourages surgery and hormone injections that do horrific amounts of damage to the body as a matter of course as essentially the first, and often, only, option.


It’s gotten to the point that not only are therapists supposed to immediately refer a child for “gender affirmation” for something as innocuous as a four year old boy playfully clip-clopping around in his mother’s shoes, or a little girl playing with a truck, there are grounds for suspicion that a number actually coach children to threaten their parents with suicide and even to fake suicide attempts if they voice any doubts that this is the only option.

As it is, today, if a little girl is seen in a tube top and mini skirt and made up like a streetwalker, there’s no one who would object to Child Services taking the child away from her parents. But just take a look at the hagiographical articles being written about “drag kids”, i.e. little boys being dressed like female prostitutes and strippers, and the praise being showered on their parents – up to and including parents who take their boys to pole dance for leering men in adult clubs and model “clothes” for BDSM magazines and catalogues.

Which brings us all to the point of this all – why are trans activists insisting on children being subjected to these life altering medically dangerous treatments at ever younger ages, to the point that they’re recommending that very young children be allowed to have these treatments over parental objections?


Because kids with gender confusion tend to resolve into being comfortable with their biological sex 95% – 98% of the time by puberty’s end. This is considered a “problem” by LGBT activists. And the solution to this problem is to prevent this resolution by targeting children while they’re still prepubescents.

The reason why gangs demand that new members get tattoos and “prove” themselves by committing some crime as part of their initiation ritual is to make the new entrant feel there is no going back.

Once a child knows he/she has been injected with something to make him/her the opposite sex – with adults he/she trusts acting so proud and approving – that same feeling of “no going back” is introduced into the equation. Especially when he can see his/her peers are virilizing/feminizing as puberty kicks in and hormone blockers have halted his/her own development. From there being a 95% – 98% chance he/she would eventually become comfortable as his/her birth sex, it crashes to near zero.

So here we are. Being unaware of your fourteen year old son getting a two inch tattoo on his bicep is very likely going to lose you custody of your child. But deliberately having your son injected with chemicals that would not only sterilize him but also weaken his bones, damage his heart and blood flow, and then take him to a doctor to create superfluous infection prone orifices on his body would have you celebrated on the pages of the New York Times. In fact, you’re now likely lose custody of your child for failing to do so.


Again, I repeat; the Trump Administration announcing an immediate ban, however it works, on persons under the age of 18 being provided with gender transitioning treatments, along with a strong campaign highlighting the dangers of such treatments over and above the heads of the media is an electoral winner with every demographic outside of journalists, Far Left college students and professors and Hollywood.

It’s the ultimate wedge issue – not just good politics but good policy.


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