How The GOP Can Win Black Votes - Call Out The Race Card

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3. Call out the Democrats’ use of the race card.

Identify the Democrats’ constant charges of “racism” and “white supremacy” for what they are – admissions of failure.

Point to the appalling state of so many black majority constituencies, all exclusively dominated for decades by Democrats, the fact that African Americans still occupy the bottom rungs of the socioeconomic ladder in America. After 60 years, it’s crystal clear that the Democrats have not only failed the black community, they have neither the capability nor the will to do any better.

All the Democrats have left to offer the black community is fear – they don’t even bother to pretend they have policies to solve problems anymore – it’s just “racism!”, “white supremacy!”, “racist!” to the point that it’s really an insult to the intelligence. Even worse, in many cases, the screams of “racism” are not even directed toward black people but meant to guilt/frighten white people in the suburbs.

Just watch MSNBC or even CNN for ten minutes; “Republicans want to bring back slavery!”, “Republicans want to make it legal to rape black women!”, “Republicans will take away and kill your children!”, “Republicans have a secret plan to exterminate all people of color!”, etc.

In other words, point to the absurdity and ridiculousness of the Democrats’ race rhetoric. Point to the fact that the media parrots these claims automatically and allows them to be made without challenge. Bring it up, and mock it mercilessly.

According to the Democrats and their allies in the media, every single elected Republican in the United States is either a racist, or owes his/her office to secret “code words” and “dog whistles” sent to a vast underground population of white supremacists – all of whom are hankering for the return of Jim Crow.

The “code words” and “dog whistle” thing calls for mockery like nothing else. Highlight and make fun of the fact that a Republican can’t say “good morning” or comb his hair without Democrats somehow discerning some “code” being sent out to the Ku Klux Klan.

Say that anchors at CNN and MSNBC actually believe that House Republicans electing Kevin McCarthy to be their leader in the House is actually about sending a “code” to white supremacists – because his name starts with ‘K’. Likewise Mitch McConnell’s leadership of Senate Republicans – his state’s name also starts with ‘K’.

Point out that every single Republican President and Presidential candidate in the last 60 years has been called a racist and white supremacist by Democrats – Romney, McCain, W. Bush, Dole, H. W. Bush, Reagan, etc. Democrats have labelled every single one of these men (and their running mates) as racists, white supremacists, slavery enthusiasts, and worse.

Challenge your audience to consider how plausible this is, and to consider the possibility that they’re being played. This is where you highlight the Democrat and media tactic of equating any disagreement with a Democrats “of color” as “racism” and identify it for the corrupt self-serving grifters’ tactic it is for shielding themselves from well deserved criticism.

Also, at least as important is challenging another form of the race card – the “race traitor”, “Uncle Tom”, etc. slurs routinely bandied at black Republicans. Mock the notion that one’s “blackness” is dependent on his or her blind unquestioning loyalty to the Democrat Party – the belief that unless you’re a Democrat, you’re not “really black.” Or that you’re being paid to “betray” your race because you have the audacity to be disappointed in the Democrats’ 60 years of failure in the black community.

The media will shriek at this, and again, they will be unable to help themselves from joining their beloved Democrats in screaming that it’s “racist” to reject being falsely charged with racism or saying that black people can choose not to be Democrats.





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