How The GOP Can Win Black Votes (3) – Don't Pander

Washington Post Claims That Israel Barring Terror Sympathizers From The Squad Is Great For Democrats

How should Republicans go about winning over black voters?


What would a plan for this look like? How do you put into action? Where do you need to go? Who do you need to see and talk to? What arguments should you push? What pitfalls should you look out for?

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.

3. Don’t pander.
I would recommend starting each community “conversation” event with a statement like; “We’re here to find solutions that work, not just solutions that sound good. That means we need to be open, frank and honest here. So we’re not going to be politically correct. In fact, we’re going to be downright ‘controversial’. The most important thing we should keep in mind, is that we are all here in good faith, we want what’s best for each other, we all want what’s best for our country. Are we all good with that?”


Approach it like a sales pitch. Listen to your audience’s concerns. Be attentive and responsive, but don’t be patronizing. Don’t be obsequious. Do not, as was done by Ken Mehlman (who then added insult to self-inflicted injury by following his “apology” with nothing), engage in pointless self-flagellation.

Use facts and figures, dates and charts. If you need to use a projector screen and make a PowerPoint presentation, or present a PragerU style “explainer” video to get your point across, do so. Stand forward and make a case for why it makes sense for the black community to pull the R lever.



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