Bussing Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities. Why Not?

March 2009 PPP Workers Protest Against "Desecration of Benazir Bhutto's monument in Rawalpindi" at Jail Chowrangi Karachi by No Real Name..., licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

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We’ve all witnessed the shock and horror on the Left as it was recently revealed that the President had pushed for bussing illegal immigrants arriving at the border to sanctuary cities.


Personally, I believe this is a wonderful idea. Progressives (both in and out of the media) have been regaling the American people with the amazing benefits illegal immigrants bring to the communities they join.

So why are they so hesitant to host these new arrivals and reap the benefits for themselves? Why the consternation at the thought of a these wonderful people being dropped off in front of their progressive Mayors’ offices and public parks every week?

In fact, instead of raising money for the wall, I think the guys at Fund The Wall and other private funding efforts could much more affordably buy/rent busses, load them up with fuel and food, and hire drivers to ferry these folks to the proudly listed sanctuary cities across the country.

Better yet, for the immigrants’ “safety”, the busses should drop them in the safest (according to police reports) most progressive sanctuary neighborhoods and provide them with tents and groceries to set up home while they await their hearings.

We can even call it something nice – the “Welcome to Sanctuary” Project.



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