You Can Now Disrupt Any Event At Portland State University And There's Nothing They Can Do About It.

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On March 5th, Portland State University’s College Republicans gathered in a room on campus to hear invited conservative and gun rights blogger Michael Strickland give a talk about gun rights and give his version of the events that led to him being arrested for brandishing a pistol as a hostile mob surrounded him at a Black Lives Matter protest in 2016.


However, as soon as the event started, a fascist entered the room with a bell and proceeded to ring it continuously to disrupt the event.

The fascist succeeded. He stood in front of the projector so no one could see a video the presenter gamely tried to play for the audience. He then pursued Strickland to the corner of the room where he tried to deliver his speech on livestream.

In a striking demonstration of the progressive’s penchant for hate hoaxing, the protester informed Strickland that “trans” people were beaten up as a result of his last appearance at Portland State University. When Strickland countered that he had never been to PSU before, the fascist cheerfully admitted that he made it up.

All the while ringing his bell.

But that wasn’t the worst thing about this episode.

Throughout the one hour in which the bell-ringing fascist engaged in his disruptive behavior and ultimately succeeded in scuttling the event, campus administrators and police were present, watching, claiming there was nothing they could do absent violence (somehow, ringing
bell in someone’s ear doesn’t count) or damage to property.


Now, let us not mince words here; this so-called protester knew very well that the school administration was not going to do anything and that they would not allow the police to do anything when his disruption was planned. He knew this because campus administrators knew what he was planning and were likely part and parcel of it.

It’s not news that college administrators are even further to the Left than faculty, and are usually the driving force behind the speech codes, segregationism, bullying, hate hoaxes, sexual misconduct kangaroo courts, and other episodes of extremism and crazy that have seriously undermined American higher education. Many of the protests by students making unreasonable demands and disrupting (and even assaulting) their fellow students’ can be traced to sympathetic administrators assuring them that they face no punishment for their misbehavior.

However, it seems that PSU’s authorities have forgotten that they are a public institution, and, as such, are obliged to operate under the Free Speech (1st Amendment) and Equal Protection (14th Amendment) clauses of the Constitution.

The upshot is this; since PSU has said it is acceptable for a person to enter a conservative sponsored event on campus, ringing a bell and standing in front of a projector to disrupt it, and the Administration and police will do nothing, then *every* other event, by any group of any ideological bent, can (and should) be similarly disrupted. And neither the campus authorities nor campus police can do anything other than stand by and watch.


So here’s my advice to the Portland State University College Republicans – go get yourselves some bells, drums, trumpets, boomboxes, vuvuzelas, air horns, etc. and invade every single progressive event or meeting on campus that is open to the public, banging, blowing, ringing and yelling to your hearts’ content.

If any attempt is made to arrest or punish you, sue PSU for viewpoint discrimination – this video, and the Administration’s response, is all the evidence you need. Sue them for as much as you possibly can.

Accept nothing less than a full blown apology, a refund of expenses, compensation for Michael Strickland and a commitment to ensuring free speech on campus, for all sides.


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