New York Daily News Attempts Another Smear Attack On Covington Catholic Student

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After the full videos of the encounter between con man Nathan Phillips and the Covington Catholic boys at the Lincoln Memorial crashed and burned the hopes and dreams of progressives everywhere, many intrepid journalists took it upon themselves to try and rescue their cherished narrative by seeking something, anything, that they could use to prove that Catholic schools are breeding grounds for intolerance and racism.


The New York Daily News – reporters and editors – celebrated when they finally found this picture – of a Covington Catholic High School game from about four years ago where all the boys in the stands were wearing black and some had painted their faces black. They appeared to be jeering a black player in another school’s uniform.

Case closed. Racism found. Narrative rescued. Left-Wing Twitter exploded with joyous outrage while the NYDN snarkily wrote;

This won’t help Kentucky student Nick Sandmann’s case.

A photo said to be featuring Covington Catholic High School students clad in blackface during a 2015 basketball game made the rounds on Twitter Monday morning amid last week’s Indigenous Peoples March controversy.

The photo depicts several white students, some in blackface, shouting at an opposing black player.

Except, of course, this was not racist “blackface” – any more so than Special Warfare operators blackening their faces to blend into their environment is racist.

The intention and context count.

The context the NYDN’s reporters and editors deliberately left out was that this is something called a “blackout game” – where the home team fans were all asked to wear black and some went as far as painting themselves. This is a far from unknown in collegiate and high school sports.


Many high schools and colleges have “{color}out games” to support their home teams. The New York Times even took a break from attacking the Bush Administration and enthusiastically fellating the Obama Campaign to cover the phenomenon in 2008.

Within seconds of the NYDN’s snarky tweet, Covington parents and alumni and numerous others immediately identified what was going on and within minutes pictures of “blueout”, “whiteout” and other “blackout” games were produced.

Notice that boys painted their faces white for the “whiteout game.”

Knowing the game was up, the NYDN nonetheless waited a few hours to make sure their story spread as far and wide as possible through the willingly gullible fever swamps of the online Left before adding this update to their story;

The black body paint is part of a “blackout” game, in which students paint themselves in the school’s colors. This isn’t an uncommon practice, but it is one that has become increasingly frowned upon as minority groups have spoken up about the obvious racist connotations. Arizona State University asked its students to refrain from painting their faces black for the annual blackout game in 2015.

Here’s the thing; this was not new information to them. The New York Daily News’ reporters and editors knew precisely what a “blackout game” was when they first published this article. They deliberately left out the context for the sole purpose of pushing the cherished narrative of Covington Catholic being a breeding ground for racism and “white privilege.”


Remember; these are not incompetent people.

As journalists never fail to remind all and sundry, they are uniquely educated, trained and experienced in researching, developing and presenting a story. The people at the NYDN know the headlines to use, the words and the pictures to feature to convey the story they want communicated to their audience. They knew very well how their initial story would be shared and spread and how little a footprint their additional context would have in comparison.

The fact that they waited hours when their Tweet of this story was responded to with pictures providing much needed context within minutes, before updating the article to make note of the “blackout” information, is evidence that their intent was calculated and malicious in order to cause harm to the school and Nicholas Sandmann in particular.

Note that they made sure to reference Sandmann in the very first sentence of the article even though he is not even in the picture they hoped to use to convince America that his school breeds racists, and resurrect the narrative that his nervous rictus of a smile as con man and fake Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips came up to him to bang a drum inches from his face was evidence of a deep seated racial hatred and prejudice.

As stated before, most journalists at major newspapers went to college. It is impossible to believe that not a single member of the NYDN newsroom – including their sports desk – has ever heard of “blackout” games or seen fans paint themselves to support their teams.


Make no mistake; the New York Daily News deliberately published their story, deliberately left out important context, simply to destroy this school and young Mr. Sandmann and his fellow students’ lives. And it’s for no other reason than they dared to be pro-life and wear MAGA hats.


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