The Press Tries, Once Again, To Cause Physical Injury To Covington Catholic High School Students

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Desperate journalists are still seeking some way to salvage their campaign of hate and terror against Covington Catholic High School.


With Nathan Phillips having been incontrovertibly exposed as a shameless con man and liar – including about his service in the Marines, journalists next attempted to deceive the American people with out of context pictures of Covington Catholic students at a sporting event. First by pretending kids at a “blackout game” were putting on “blackface” and then by pretending players making the universal sign of appreciation for a successful three-point shot were making “white power” symbols.

All those failed.

Now, our intrepid slander merchants, this time, the reporters and editors at NBC, are having a crack at trying to get their ideological fellow travelers in Antifa to cause grievous bodily injury to a Covington Catholic student.

This time, they presented a gay former “Covington” student to give his take on what happened when liar and con man Nathan Phillips tried to provoke a group of teenage boys.

“I was not surprised at all,” Bales plainly told NBC News when asked for his reaction to last week’s D.C. confrontation. “It was only a matter of time that something this school community did would blow up to this degree, and I think they need to be held accountable.”


Notice how careful NBC reporter Ben Kesslen is to leave the impression that there is some doubt as to what happened, who was responsible for the “confrontation” and who acquitted themselves creditably (Covington Catholic boys) and who behaved abominably (Nathan Phillips) in that episode. The “held accountable” part is also a nice touch.

Bales goes on to disparage Covington Catholic High School students as lacking in discipline – a charge thoroughly disproven by their refusal to be provoked both by the Black Hebrew Israelite cult and con man Nathan Phillips and his crew of provocateurs banging drums in their faces and screaming at them to “Go back to Europe!”.

To further his slander hit, Kesslen also made sure to note that the gay former student was denied the opportunity to deliver a speech at his graduation ceremony, heavily implying, with the word “Covington” in the headline, that Bales was prevented from making his speech primarily because of his homosexuality. As can be expected, reading beyond the headline and deep into the article reveals something entirely different; Bales submitted a politically charged speech which was entirely inappropriate for the occasion and even worse, submitted his speech late.


But the real dishonesty and attempt to mislead by Ben Kesslen and his colleagues at NBC is that Mr. Bales did not even attend Covington Catholic High School, he actually attended Holy Cross High School – which renders him an odd choice to be taken as an authority about the atmosphere in Covington Catholic. The only thing that connects Bales’ dubious tale of woe to Covington Catholic is that Holy Cross is also under the same Covington Diocese in Kentucky.

Let’s be clear here; Ben Kesslen and NBC as a whole have committed themselves to the story that Covington Catholic is – in the words of Howard Dean – a “hate factory” that needs to be shut down. The fact these boys had the audacity to attend a pro-life march and wear MAGA caps has made them legitimate targets for destruction by any means necessary for NBC as an organization.

So the sole purpose of this story is to tar Covington Catholic students and the school itself as homophobic, in addition to being racist and sexist, which would justify the continued efforts of journalists at NBC and other major news outlets to engineer a harmful incident against a group of boys they have come to hate as much as they hate Donald Trump.


Already, the story, with “Covington” deliberately featured prominently in the headline to give the impression that the gay student attended Covington Catholic, has been retweeted thousands of times through Left-Wing Twitter, and as Kesslen and NBC knew and intended, most of the people retweeting their story did not go beyond the headline, much less read in-depth into the article to discover that Bales did not attend Covington Catholic and that his lateness in submitting his speech was what denied him his opportunity to deliver his speech.

Remember;the folks at NBC are well educated, trained and competent people. Such an irrelevant, non-connected, non-sourced, non-newsworthy story was deliberately penned, reviewed by an editor and deliberately published. This was not some accident or failure of judgement or the editorial process.

This was a calculated act of malice.


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