Follow The Money: Who Is Funding The "Caravan"?

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Toni Williams over at Victory Girls has a few questions about the illegal immigrant “caravan” being escorted up to the Southern border by the Mexican police forces.


Who is feeding all of these people?

Who is providing medical services?

Where are they [defecating]?

In other words, who is providing and coordinating the logistics for this “caravan?”

Ever since Watergate and of course All The President’s Men, journalists have proudly adopted “Follow The Money” as some sort of a axiom for investigative reporters to live by.

Yet, to my surprise – not – no news network or newspaper seems to be interested in finding out exactly who is footing the bill for this “caravan.”

Who is providing food, water, diapers and formula for babies, medical care, waste disposal, sanitation, etc. for these 7 – 14 thousand, people?

Given the timing i.e. the “caravan’s” arrival is fortuitously timed to coincide with the mid-terms, the obvious planning and the clear cooperation of the media (seeking to recreate the “family separation” conflagration) with whoever is coordinating this “caravan”, I have my suspicions that Tom Perez, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have their hands in it.


I suspect a couple of Silicon Valley folks and other Left-Wing oligarchs (including an old Nazi collaborator) have forked over some funds as well.

The good thing is that finding this out is something that is entirely within the ambit of the Intelligence services.

I would hope Trump would start to talk about this – the political timing, and the media’s collaboration with the organizers of the “caravan” at rallies and in his Tweets.

In the meantime, I think it would make a difference if Conservatives online, in blogs and social media (especially in journalist and news outlet timelines), push the same message; Who is funding the “caravan”? Follow the money!


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