Operation "Credibly Accused"

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Operation “Credibly Accused.”

It’s not enough to simply rally and support Brett Kavanaugh, because this is about so much more than him – it’s about everybody’s father, uncle, brother, son, grandson, nephew, friend, etc. and the creation of a world in which their lives can be destroyed on a single person’s word. the Democrats and their allies in the media need to be made to understand exactly what it is they have unleashed.

In a more ideal world, someone will organize a campaign so that each and every single male Democrat Senator, Representative and Governor should wake up within the next week to find himself “credibly accused” of sexual assault by a woman on YouTube, Vimeo and D.Tube. So should each and every single news anchor on the major networks, and the heads of every major newspaper and television outlet. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Harry Reid are not to be exempted.

The woman making the accusation need not provide a specific time or place where this assault occurred, only her conviction that her attacker is the prominent Democrat she is accusing, and that it happened no less than a decade or two (or three before) before. I would recommend wearing T-Shirts with “Believe Women” scrawled on them and claiming to be inspired by Christine Ford’s testimony. Another woman, or man, should also be in the video, to claim that the accuser revealed this assault to them some years ago as “corroboration.”

Of course, women who wish to remain anonymous would record their allegations with their faces blurred, cropped/cut out or wearing masks, claiming fear. Following that, as one, every single conservative commentator would henceforth refer to every accused individual (from Chuck Schumer to George Stephanopoulos) as being “credibly accused” of sexual assault.



One of the phrases I have grown to hate since the Roy Moore debacle of late last year is the now ubiquitous “credibly accused.” It’s one of those phrases that masks its perniciousness not only because it sounds so clinical and benign but because it suggests the exact opposite of its modern usage.

One hears “credibly accused” and automatically assumes that the allegation has been examined and there is at least a “credible” amount of circumstantial evidence that the allegation is true.

In reality, today, what “credibly accused” means is that there is absolutely no corroborating evidence, no independent corroborating witness, no contemporaneous documentation and, most importantly, no way of verifying the allegations.

It’s a phrase that reveals less of the accusation’s veracity than it does about the person using it and his/her animus toward the accused. It simply means the person reporting the allegation just *wants* it to be true. So it’s nothing more than an attempt to pronounce guilt without having to contend with bothersome issues like the presumption of innocence or the need for evidence before destroying a hated target’s life and reputation.


Again, those who claim to see no similarities between the successful destruction of Roy Moore with “credibly accused” and the ongoing attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh with the same tactic are either being willfully blind or unwilling to acknowledge their role in validating it when they either kept silent or joined in when the target was a politically inept and awkward former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

That said, the danger of “credibly accused” metastasizing out of the world of politics is very real.

This week saw hundreds of law students from Yale and Harvard come out to endorse “credibly accused” as their preferred standard of justice. This is no accident; “credibly accused” is a close sibling to the star chamber adjudication system – much loved by University Administrators and student activists – pushed by the Obama Administration.

What should terrify every American is the fact that any number of these student activists – if current trends hold – will end up on the bench, including the Supreme Court. Imagine; people who do not believe in the presumption of innocence, the right of the accused to confront his accuser, to present witnesses, to have access to counsel, charged with safeguarding Americans’ civil liberties.


Scary, isn’t it? And after deciding that sexual assault defendants being stripped of these rights is in keeping with the Constitution, is there any guarantee that’s where it will stop?

Which is why “credibly accused” needs to be shown for the evil it is now. And much as I would wish different, the best way to do this is to flood the zone with it against its practitioners.


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