On Thursday, The Democrats Will Try To Trick Kavanaugh Into Testifying First.

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Anyone with an IQ above the low double digits knows very well that Senate Democrats are coordinating closely with Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers. For example, Bromwich’s bizaare insistence that it would be unfair for Ford to be questioned by anyone other than a Senator is clearly a product of Chuck Schumer’s office.


Hopefully, Chuck Grassley is remaining firm on that.

However, we should not forget the even more bizaare demand by Debra Katz that Kavanaugh testify first – essentially defending himself under oath against allegations that haven’t yet been entered into the record.

As we have discovered, the Left – meaning the Democrats and their partners in the media – have no use for due process or the presumption of innocence. This isn’t just when it comes to gender issues or outside the courtroom. Anyone who believes that the Democrats are not itching to introduce the campus kangaroo court practices and procedures created by the Obama Administration into the actual criminal court system is being willfully blind.

Which is why there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Democrats are going to try and pull one more dirty trick on Thursday.

As RedState Head Honcho Emeritus put it;

This whole thing really is predictable

If I had to guess, here’s what I think will happen on Thursday.

Kavanaugh will show up and Ford won’t. The Democrats, feeling charitable, will offer to let Kavanaugh testify and get his side of the story told so he can clear his name.

Both sides will grill him and the Democrats will ask him a series of weirdly specific questions.

Once he is done, Christine Blasey Ford, her lawyers, and a bunch of progressive activists will storm the room and demand that Ford now be heard. Democrats will demand she be heard. The Republicans will cave.

She’ll then give testimony designed to cast doubt on Kavanaugh based on the weirdly specific questions the Democrats asked.


Erick is right. It is entirely predictable that the Democrats will do exactly this and adamantly refuse to allow Christine Ford to be questioned by counsel after her “testimony.”

The problem is that the GOP is known as the “Stupid Party” for very good reason. The very fact that it is so predictable and that this tactic can be seen from miles away – especially after Dianne Feinstein’s last minute dirty trick is exactly the reason why every single one of the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will likely be caught completely by surprise.

Grassley needs to be made to understand that if Christine Blasey Ford does not show up at the appointed time, he should immediately submit the text of Kavanaugh’s opening statement into the record and call for a vote to forward the nomination to the Senate floor.

Under no circumstances is Grassley to allow Kavanaugh to provide any testimony answering to allegations that have not been made under oath by his accuser. Ideally, Grassley should have the cojones to open the session – if Christine Ford is not seated at 10:00AM – with a stern warning to his Democrat colleagues, directly asking if they’re planning to spring Ford out after Kavanaugh, they’re sadly mistaken.

If Grassley proceeds to call for a vote, the Democrats will produce Blasey Ford for one last Hail Mary attempt and scream, shout, rant and rave. Blasey Ford is almost certain to burst into tears and the media will saturate the airwaves with video juxtaposing stoic looking male Senators against a crying Ford, carefully keeping the female counsel actually asking the questions off the screen.


But, ultimately, everything – Kavanaugh’s reputation, life and future, and that if his wife and daughters – have been handed by the Almighty into Grassley’s hands. If he takes control of the hearing and refuses to let devolve into a circus, Judge Kavanaugh will ultimately be Justice Kavanaugh by the weekend.

And the Blue Wave will die a much deserved grisly death.


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