Defending the Child Protection Policy at the Border

Hawa Tembe, whose mother is from Mozambique, joins the applause as Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., top center, joined by Hispanic Caucus Chair Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M., and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., protest against threats by President Donald Trump against Central American asylum-seekers to separate children from their parents along the southwest border to deter migrants from crossing into the United States, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, May 23, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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To me, this so-called “Family Separation Crisis” is a perfect opportunity to drop a JDAM of facts and logic on the media, the Democrats (forgive the redundancy) and useful idiot Republicans who still think, despite decades of demonstrations to the contrary, that the other side, particularly those in journalism, is arguing in good faith.


If I were advising the White House, I would have a film crew flying to the border to film the actual conditions on the ground and a team working to produce a graphic heavy explanatory video directed at the American people showing in-depth what is going on, exactly how we got here and the challenges being faced by the border patrol and immigration services.

The consequences of failing to firmly enforce the law and disincentivize border crossings with minor children need to be brought home to the American people. A key feature would be the issues the media, the Democrats and their fellow travelers in the GOP pretend do not exist and challenging them to proffer solutions.

  1. Children are not housed together with adults in a law enforcement setting. Even American children of American adult citizens who commit crimes are not sent to jail along with their parents. What therefore, is to be done with children whose “parents” illegally cross the border?
  2. Many so-called “families” are not families at all but groups of people assembled by coyotes (and Left-Wing activists), coached on what to say at the border. Some of the children are victims of kidnapping and child trafficking being kept under control by threats to their families. What happens to children discovered not to be traveling with their parents? How do you suss out these cases without separation?
  3. Any change in policy that allows families automatic entry into the country immediately creates a huge demand for children to be kidnapped, bought, trafficked and used in lieu of entry visas by the coyote networks. It means not just having to deal with children at the Southern border but potentially boatloads of adults from different parts of the world with “their” children as tickets for demanding entry. How do you prevent this?

The White House should insist on specific and clear answers on each of these questions and more, and explicitly call out its critics for simply playing politics on the issue.

The Trump Administration has to establish that (i) being tough now – however harsh it seems – prevents a much greater tragedy later, (ii) the “Nazi”/”wicked” /”inhumane” rhetoric being bandied about is irresponsible and a deliberate lie and (iii) its critics are either bad faith partisan actors or ignorant of the big picture who do not actually care and have given zero thought to the issue.

Highlight the fact (with pictures) that these separations began during the Obama Administration but that the media – and name ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times – did not care about the issue then, and do not actually care about the issue now. I would advise showing pictures of anchors and contributors, as well as people like Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah as examples of people simply playing partisan politics.

I honestly believe a significant majority of the American people would understand the ugliness of the situation and how important it is to be firm now or face a much bigger and more brutal crisis later. Trump appearing and pointing out that as President he has to make tough decisions like this because he has to think of the future would bring the matter home. Trump accusing the media of attempting to emotionally manipulate the American people for partisan political purposes in light of that would likely resonate.


Endpoint; this is about children, those at the border, and those who would find themselves at the border if something isn’t done now.

The White House should then post the video to YouTube and Vimeo, put it on …

And, for the coup de grace, Trump should Tweet it.


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