CT GOV: Bag of Uncounted Ballots "Found"

UPDATE [H/T: Ace]: CT voter fraud caught on video …

… Mayor Jason McCoy has obtained a video that was taken inside a polling place in Bridgeport and shows a poll watcher warning a poll worker not to mix unofficial ballots with official ballots. She ignores him and he is escorted away.

There are additional charges:

  • Some voters were given more than one ballot
  • Other voters were not checked off on the registration list
  • Some voters were never asked for IDs

By the way, that bag of uncounted ballots was found where? In Bridgeport. What a coincidence, eh?

Well, this turn of events was completely totally gobsmackingly unexpected

PS: Just to be clear, that was sarcasm.

Democrats have apparently been uniquely blessed by Providence in being able to “find” just that right amount of extra uncounted ballots to upend a close race in their direction – amazing isn’t it? And interestingly enough, they always find them in the most innocent and miraculous of places, like union boss car trunks and Democrat operative closets.

And even more interesting, the middle-of-the-road, independent, strictly non-partisan media is always on hand to assure the electorate that there is a perfectly reasonable, innocent reason why the registered Democrat election official just happened to “forget” the bag of ballots in his basement.

And besides, they shriek in their editorials that strangely neglect to mention where and when these new uncounted ballots are found, shouldn’t every vote count? It’s just a perennial coincidence that at the exact same time Democrats are shrieking that Republicans objecting to the provenance of the ballots is “voter suppression” – because, of course, Racism™. And of course, it is all in our imaginations that newspaper editorials are all in favor of recounts (i.e. “every vote should count!”) when the Democrat is behind and all for the now “losing” candidate to accept the result and concede (i.e. “in the best interest of the state”) when the recount (and the miraculously “found” ballots) have vaulted the Democrat ahead.


All snark aside, though, this has to be stopped – they can’t keep doing this without any form of serious  pushback. In the 2008 MN Senate race it was done openly with the active cooperation of the MN Press Corps that ensured that the average voter never got a clear picture of what was going on. Worse is that Norm Coleman basically bent over and handed over the vaseline because, well, Bipartisanship™.

I hope the RGA sends troops down to CT (and MN) with instructions to play hardball. So far, the GOP’s tactic of weak objections and tail-tucked withdrawal in order to avoid accusations of “voter suppression” and “partisanship” by Democrat activists with newspaper columns has revealed itself to have no upside. As WA Republicans have learned, there is absolutely no guarantee that voters will remember and punish the Democrat later.

In other words, with the Press Corps actively helping by turning a deliberately blind eye, and the GOP cooperating by surrendering because so many of our weak sisters quail at the thought of confrontation and harsh words (which goes against the religion of Bipartisanship™), this has become a cost-free exercise for the other side.

So here’s my suggestion; hoist them on their own petard. Every time a union boss or Democratic activist *finds* a hitherto undiscovered ballot box or bag in his/her closet at home or his car trunk, Emmer and Foley should call Press Conferences and announce that some guy (coincidentally a Republican activist) has also “found” a missing ballot box miraculously misplaced somewhere and insist that it also must get counted and added to the tally.


This forces the issue of provenance out where the Democrats’ friends in the media can’t ignore it. If ballots found by Democratic activists after election day in their trunks should be counted then ballots found by Republicans in their basements should also be counted.

Bottomline; we need to start making election fraud a risky venture for Democrats, or else it’s just going to continue.



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