No More (Norm) Colemans.

Senator Al Franken.

Senator. Al. Franken.

If that doesn’t grate or demonstrate just how badly the GOP screwed up during the Bush Administration then I don’t know what else in politics does. But, thankfully, after just four years, voters have apparently seen just how bad a miscalculation it was to put all the levers of power in Democratic hands, and the GOP looks set to be given another chance to live up to its principles.


Here is where I digress to remind us all;

We’ve won nothing yet. Harry Reid is still the Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi is still the Speaker of the House. Whether or not they would remain in those offices after January is entirely still dependent on you.

Vote. Vote and get all your family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues to vote, and make sure they all vote GOP from the US Senate to local school board.

Digression over.

Looking over to the sidebar, one notices that the NRSC has chosen to remind Republicans how important it is to turn out by reminding us that Al Franken is sitting in the Senate, i.e. No More Frankens – it’s not enough to just win, we have to win BIG – or, as Hugh Hewitt would put it; If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.

I have no problem with the sentiment – if enough of us turn out to vote, then the entire point of this diary is moot.

But let’s be clear here … Al Franken being a Senator today is not the fault of MN Republicans who didn’t turn out to vote for Norm Coleman, because Norm Coleman was actually the winner on Election Night and the subsequent recounts even as Obama made mincemeat of McCain in the state. No, Al Franken sits in the Senate today wholly due to one of the most blatant and shameless acts of election theft, done in the open and in broad daylight with the active leadership and participation of a corrupt bought and paid for Secretary of State.


Of course, if more of them had come out to vote, Coleman would still be a Senator, but at the end of the day, MN Republicans held up their end of the deal. It was Coleman, followed by the MNGOP, the NRSC and the RNC who failed to hold up their end by allowing the Democrats to steal it.

I have no beef with Al Franken or Mark Ritchie for this – might as well be mad with a toad for being ugly. It can’t help its own nature. Al Franken is not a man known for his sense of fair play or decency and Mark Ritchie was a product of George Soros’ Secretary of State Project. What else were they going to do?

Norm Coleman, on the other hand, I’ve got major beef with. He played the “moderate” “bipartisan” even as he was being cheated in broad daylight. He stood by spewing useless “reach across the aisle” pabulum, watching impotently as Mark Ritchie and the rest of his Soros-sponsored crew stole his victory away from him.

Even after FoxNews noted the amazing contortions and twists of logic that guided decisions by Mark Ritchie like this …

A vote for Franken Not a vote for Coleman

… the Coleman campaign decided to remain silent. This is not to mention the ballots found in Democrat operatives’ car trunks and closets after Election Day that somehow made it into the final tally. Please read John Lott’s FoxNews article – written as it was happening; it’s enough to make you want to walk up to Norm Coleman and sock him in the face.


Up until Franken vaulted into the lead and the MN press cheerleading for Franken started calling on him to concede, Norm Coleman was preoccupied with thinking of all the “bipartisanship” he’ll get to do in the Senate instead of calling down a rain of fire and brimstone and running a scorched earth campaign against Ritchie.

In other words, Coleman failed to protect and defend his own victory, perhaps failed to even notice it was under attack until it was too late, and ended up losing it to Al Franken. Al. Franken. Worse, even though Coleman (at the time) would have made the difference between having 41 Senators, where Arlen Specter would be the most powerful Republican in the Senate and 42, the NRSC did nothing.

Neither did the RNC or the Party’s leaders in MN.

That’s why I’m not mad at Franken, Ritchie or anyone involved in stealing the election in MN. It was obvious they were going to do it from the first. They didn’t hide that they were doing it. They stole it fair and square, and the GOP let them

So, in response to the NRSC, we accept your “No More Frankens” challenge to make sure it is not close – where some corrupted product of Secretary of State Project can steal it for the other side. We will endeavor to ensure that the results on election are outside the margin of Soros.


But here’s our challenge, and its not just with regard to Senate races; if, despite our efforts, it is close but we’re on top, then you’d better be there to ensure that it does not get stolen. Run ads in broadcast and print, call press conferences, call for rallies and marches. Unleash hell.

In other words, No More Colemans.



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