Message for Meg Whitman: Go on Offense. Now.

The best way past a “scandal” for a Republican is through it. Take a day or two – no more, no less – to think it through, find a line of attack and go on offense. If George Allen had done that instead of trying to plead, ignore and then cower his way past the “macaca” incident, we’d not have the tragedy of both Senators from the Commonwealth of Virginia being Democrats.


On the latest so-called “scandal!” and “controversy” that has all the political talking heads in California running around screaming at the top of their lungs i.e. Meg Whitman’s illegal alien former housekeeper; if I were advising Whitman I’d tell her, apart from her offer to take a polygraph test, to call a Press Conference, and go on offense. I’d tell her to pound on the following points;

  1. The writing on the letter is not her husband’s. Period. He says he didn’t write it because he never saw the letter. If he had, and gone as far as to write instructions on it for Santilla, he would have discussed it with her.
  2. Obviously then, Whitman’s husband’s handwriting was forged. As a nine year employee, Santilla would certainly be familiar with it and may even have legitimate correspondence from Dr. Griffith Harsh (Meg Whitman’s husband) as a baseline for the forgery.
  3. The Whitman campaign demands the original copy of the letter for forensic dating to determine the time when the letter was actually printed and the time the supposed note by Whitman’s husband was written.
  4. Since neither Whitman nor her husband saw the letter, how did Santilla get a hold of a letter from the SSA to Meg Whitman and her family? This suggests a crime on the part of Santilla (intercepting mail) and Allred aiding and abetting after the fact.
  5. Gloria Allred has made a disgusting habit of popping up in the last weeks of a campaign to level false allegations against Republican candidates in a bid to torpedo their campaigns. She did this back in 2002 when she tried to derail Arnold’s election bid with false sexual harassment charges and she’s doing the exact same thing now. Why is she being granted any form of legitimacy knowing that this is what she does?
  6. To the Press; is she supposed to employ illegal aliens? Is that not illegal? What exactly is Allred and the press corps’ complaint? Are they really complaining that Whitman failed to do something that went against the law? Furthermore, an employee lied to her about her immigration status with false papers, obviously intercepted mail between her and the SSA – when she discovered it, she let the employee go; where’s the “scandal” here?

I repeat; for Republicans, the best way past a ginned up “scandal” or “controversy” is to plow straight through it – not trying to move on past it or hoping it goes away. Democrats can do that. Republicans can’t. Republicans have to up the ante and go on offense.

Force the partisan hacks calling themselves journalists and trying to make it a “scandal” defend why it is a “scandal.” Attack their decisions on the legitimacy of the issue. I guarantee that by the end of the week it’s on page B53 on its way to an ignoble death before it ends up torpedoing the Democrat’s chances.


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