The Democrats' Appropriate New Logo

I’ve designed a logo here and there (for friends and family) and one thing I’ve always kept in mind in that line is the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. In other words, “less is more” – the less complicated, the easier it is to remember, the better for the brand and for the customer.


But sometimes less is just less. Take the Democrats’ (please!) “exciting” new logo for example;

A D in Circle. I admit, Tim Kaine should get top marks for a thematically appropriate logo since it looks like a grade, though I’d think a ‘D’ might be too generous given their performance.

But seriously, this is one of the few times I’ve looked at a design of something and immediately thought; I could do better. In fact, I believe I actually did – last year – and it took me about an hour of free time goofing off with Fireworks in the office for the Committeeman Project.

Good or bad, at least it doesn’t rip off a pizza place – a pizza place belonging to a Republican no less.

Endpoint; if the DNC paid any amount of money for their D in a circle, they just got ripped off.

That said, why not have some fun with this? If you have any logo designs for the GOP at any level (for your state, county, national) or even something even more appropriate than a D grade logo for the Democrats, feel free to let us see it in the comments.


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