O'Donnell Won Round One. It's Time To Help Her Win Round Two.

[haystack edit-go HERE to help her where she needs it most…]

I didn’t have many (or any) good things to say about Christine O’Donnell … but that ends now. The woman, whatever her faults, has to be given credit for having something that has been sorely lacking in the GOP’s Senate Caucus; Guts – with a big scarlet capital G. So finally, I do have something good to say about the lady – she took on an entrenched incumbent with a 10-to-1 monetary, a hostile media, not to mention a weak and comfortable on its knees DE GOP and walloped them all.


Which leads me to think that she just might have it in her to do it. Which means we owe her our support. Fighters are what we’ve been demanding for decades – we’ve just been given (another) one. So let’s get to work.

And oh … yeah. Congratulations Christine O’Donnell. And very, very well done. That was absolutely amazing.


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