AP: Sharron Angle "is Anti-Anything Latino"

You know what would really shake things up for the Angle campaign? A little push-back against the Press that ends up with a solid hit on Harry Reid. In fact, if she could make this SOP with every little hit piece that comes along, I’d bet she’d see a leap in her numbers.


For example, NR’s Jay Nordlinger’s eye recently fell on this gem of an article from the Associated Press that begins;

Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s conservative views on illegal immigration and her limited outreach to Hispanics have done little to endear her to Nevada’s largest minority group.

Note here that by “conservative views”, AP writers usually mean having the strange belief that illegal immigration is well … illegal.

Anyway, the whole thing went downhill from there. Given prominent place as a voice for the majority of Nevada Hispanics is one Esperanza Montelongo – a Las Vega Spanish-language political radio show host and Reid supporter, who has this to say;

For me, she [Sharron Angle] is scary … She is anti-anything Latino.

Well, if I were the Angle campaign, I’d have some fun with this and release an ad to take full advantage …

  • SHARRON ANGLE [at home at the kitchen table, looking at someone off camera]: Get this, last week, Harry Reid’s friends at the Associated Press published an article saying I’m, [makes ‘quote’ sign] quote, “anti-anything Latino.”
    {Sharp braking sound}
  • SHARRON ANGLE’S SON [revealing it is him she is talking to at the kitchen table]: That’s news to me.
    {CAPTION: Sharron’s son *John}
  • SHARRON ANGLE’S LATINA DAUGHTER-IN-LAW: That’s news to me too.
    {CAPTION: *John’s wife *Jane}
  • SHARRON ANGLE [looking at the camera]: There’s a reason why Harry Reid isn’t running on ~ his eighteen year record in the Senate, and his four year record as the Senate Majority Leader. [pause] Because it’s not a good record. In fact … it’s actually shameful.
    {[~ from this point] Screen showing graphics of charts/graphs showing deficit, national debt, unemployment, etc. over time from before and after Reid becoming Majority Leader}
  • SHARRON ANGLE [looking at the camera]: Which is why Harry Reid and his special interest and media buddies keep trying so desperately to change the subject – [smile and shrug] even if they have to make stuff up about me. I’m Sharron Angle, and this is what I stand for … ~
    {[~ from this point] Screen listing Sharron Angle’s position on taxes, Second Amendment, Obamacare, illegal immigration, spending, Stimulus, National Security, etc.}
  • SHARRON ANGLE[smile] and I approve this message.
    {CAPTION: Sharron Angle for Senate.}
  • *Note: Don’t actually know their real names and I can’t find them anywhere.


Simple, sharp, effective – and better yet, it puts the MSM on notice that they’re no longer out of range.

PS: I have no compunctions about attributing the “Anti-Anything Latino” statement to the AP – not just their fig leaf i.e. “Esperanza Montelongo” – because they obviously made no effort whatsoever, despite the extreme incendiary nature of the statement, to seek out any opposing views or facts (such as Sharron Angle actually having a Hispanic daughter-in-law) to challenge it. In a supposedly straight news piece, this amounts to a full-throated endorsement.


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