Concerning God: The debate over the existence of God

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I got inspired by Myra Adams, when I watched her diary about the Shroud of Turin, so thanks, Myra. I needed to see that, today, and it reminds me how little I digest of the Bible, the far too few times I read it.

I came across an interesting debate on the “Oxford Union” debates channel on Youtube, and just got engrossed by both sides of the arguments. I am a believer, and the “God Does Not Exist” side, while trying their darned best to persuade, fell short, but one man, Professor John Lennox, to me, made the most compelling argument for the existence of God, I think I ever heard, and it touched me how he used his expertise in the science and mathematics to make his case.

Peter Hitchens was another who made a very compelling argument in the existence of God, to the point that he made me want to rediscover my roots in the Episcopal Church, and that may be problematic, because of the way my church has strayed, but, still, he inspired me. Hitchens tells a lot about his past, being a communist in his youth, and his discovery, in other videos, so you might want to look at those, but, for now, I’m just posting this video:

There are six videos in this debate, one which is by a former priest who claims to have fallen from grace and wishes to destroy any idea of God’s existence. His name is Dan Barker. For some reason, mostly my lack of knowledge of all things internet, I can’t seem to put his video up, but it is one of the six, so go and look it up.

When I do this, going and trying to expand my feeble mind, I always end up having so many more questions than before, but I get a calming feeling when I hear educated and polite people engage in serious discussions, like what the Oxford Debates demonstrate, even when the bulk of the audience is against the discussion, but often you can be pleasantly surprised how the audience can often be persuaded like I get.

I got very interested in Professor Lennox’s debate, and dug up a few others of his lectures on this subject, and am so inspired, because of his use of his academic background and religious teachings, that it gives me hope, one day, that more of those “Atheist” scientists can once again, open their mind to God.

I try to steer away from the religious aspects of arguments concerning the right to life, by using the words from our Declaration of Independence(Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, which is the foundation to start from, for me), the biology of life(cells and the continual generation of new cells) and the way it always strives to survive, to make my argument, mainly because I might not be the best one around here to make those arguments, but when I can make it without touching the Bible, it makes the use of the Bible more compelling, to me, at least. It’s very inspiring to find a scientist, like this, to make a unique argument for the Existence of God.

Anyway, I hope you like the videos, and God Bless you.

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