LGBTQ Dems of Maryland Leader Caught in Child Predator Sting After Pursuing 14-Year-Old Boy

AP Photo/George Walker IV

A leader in the Maryland Democratic party has been busted pursuing a 14-year-old boy, and the details are graphic. Michael Knaapen has been accused of exchanging explicit texts between him and what he thought was a teen boy, including saying he wanted to rape him. 


Warning: linked videos contain explicit sexual content and coarse language.

Alex Rosen of Predator Poachers and his team posed as the 14-year-old boy whom Knaapen pursued. Rosen showed the video of his team confronting Knaapen on X. (As noted above, the video contains quotes from Knaapen's conversations with the boy.) 

There is even more graphic content now flooding the internet from the conversations, and it's sickening. 

On Knaapen's profile page, he claims that he is HIV+, as journalist Andy Ngo shared in an X post with a screenshot of it. 

The Maryland Democrats have quietly removed him, of course, and no statement has been made on their behalf. We won't hold our breath. 

To make matters even more disturbing, he encouraged the "young boy" to lie about his age so that he would have "cover." He even states that if "hypothetically" he were to have sex with the teen, he would have "committed a crime and be at risk for prison". Unfortunately, since Rosen and his team worked on their own behalf and there was no actual 14-year-ol involved, at this moment no charges will be made. Knaapen is simply exposed for the sick person that he is. 


These are the true colors behind the far-left movement. It's not really about freedom or progress, but more about finding new ways to cover despicable behavior. These are the people we are celebrating and bending over backward to accommodate at the cost of others. Whenever they are confronted, they just simply move the moral compass further:

All I’m gonna say is when we bust a conservative pedo, most people are generally positive and supportive in the responses about it. They still support and share my work (big conservative influencers even). I get the occasional pedo simps, but they’re here regardless.

Then I bust a democrat LGBTQ clown and all of a sudden, pedophilia is just cool and hip now. I’m the bad guy and I got people saying everything from “you should be arrested for recording in public” to “14 year olds are mature enough” to “it’s all deep fake bro” to “what about trump”…

I’m actually kind of shocked how amped up the pedo defending has been today. Idk why part of me thought we would all agree on this one for the most part.


Michael Knaapen may not be going to jail, but at least his true character is exposed and a real-life child may have been spared from horrible abuse. 



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