CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Yale Illegally Concealed $15 Million in Donations From Qatar

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

A shocking discovery has surfaced that Yale University failed to disclose over $15 million dollars in donations from Qatar, the Middle Eastern country that is housing senior Hamas leaders. 


The timing could not be worse for the university's reputation after the antisemitism that has been displayed in colleges across the nation over the last eight months. The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) released a report detailing their findings. They claim that Yale received at least $15,925,711 from Qatar alone but only reported $284,668. 

In July 2019, at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C., Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), presented the findings of an ISGAP research project which began in 2012, entitled “Follow the Money.” This ongoing research project examines the illicit funding of U.S. universities by foreign governments, foundations, and corporations that adhere to and promote anti-democratic and antisemitic ideologies, with connections to terrorism and terror financing.

The project revealed, for the first time, the existence of substantial Middle Eastern funding to U.S. universities (primarily from Qatar), which had not been reported to the Department of Education (DOE), as required by law. In fact, ISGAP’s research uncovered billions of dollars of unreported funds, which in turn led to the launch of a federal government investigation in 2019.


The Office of the General Counsel of the DOE published the findings of an ongoing investigation into Yale University in October 2020. In this report, the DOE revealed that “Yale University apparently failed to comply with federal reporting obligations when it underreported its foreign gifts and contracts by $375 million,” and that “Yale additionally failed to report its foreign gifts and contracts for four years, then retroactively reported them.” The abovementioned Qatari contract was among them.


The report also states that Qatar has been the largest international donor to American universities since September 11th, and has given a whopping $5.6 billion since 2007. Top recipients are Ivy League schools such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell. 

This would explain a lot. As we watch the videos, see the encampments, and struggle to wrap our minds around the fact that the leaders are allowing this — now we know why

This money has allowed Qatar to peddle outsized influence at prestigious institutions that have seen an explosion of anti-Semitism on campus in the wake of Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel. Qatar, experts say, has helped mainstream anti-Israel propaganda on campus and uses its money to stifle criticism of Doha’s longstanding ties to Hamas, Iran, and other malign regimes.

Our universities are being bought by anti-American countries that want to infiltrate our culture, politics, and ideology, and they're succeeding. 

In light of the current passion for accurate "bookkeeping," Yale should be made to answer for this illegal activity. Moreover, steps need to be taken to protect the integrity of our academic institutions. If they can be so easily bought by our enemies, what's next?


If the law were to be enforced properly, these universities would face serious consequences.

The Democrat's favorite phrase right now is, "No one is above the law." We shall see how much they are committed to that cause. When they finally figure out how to get control of the raging protests, they must hold Yale accountable for allowing the minds of our future generation to be easily influenced by whoever is the highest bidder. 



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