Goldie Hawn Says She Lives in Fear After Home Break-Ins - California's Crime Also Reaching Celebrities

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It used to be that the rich and powerful were exempt from the everyday woes middle-class citizens experienced at the hands of poor Democratic leadership. But at some point, things get so bad that it even reaches those at the top.


Goldie Hawn recently confessed that she and Kurt Russell's home had been invaded twice in the last four months, once even while she was in the home. She described the disturbing situation during an interview on SiriusXM's "Let's Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa."

The first time took an emotional toll on her. She and Kurt had gone out for dinner and when they returned, they found the home ransacked: 

"I walked into my closet and I just lost it," said the Overboard actress. "They had broken in from the balcony to our bedroom, our closets."

"And they completely knocked down my door, which is a safe door, so they're very, very sophisticated, and they got a lot of my goodies," she went on.

In an attempt to recover from the unsettling event, she convinced herself that the chances of it happening again were slim to none. She was wrong: 

"I hear this big thump upstairs — and I was alone; Kurt wasn't there — and I went, 'What the hell was that?' " she told host Kelly Ripa. "It was just like, was that a sonic boom? Did somebody jump somewhere? And as it turned out, the next day, we discovered that they were trying to get in my bedroom while I was in the house."


After the second time, Hawn felt that she was not safe anymore: 

"I'm never without a guard," she added.

California is in 17th place compared to other states in national violent crime rates. The state saw a 6.1 percent increase in reported violent crimes and a 6.2 percent increase in property crime from 2021 to 2024. Its highest reported crimes are property-related. Thirty-three percent of women and 25 percent of men are victims of domestic assault.

This, among many other things, could explain why so many Californians are migrating to other states. The top three states Californians move to are Texas (the largest percentage by far), Arizona, and Florida-- all states with a large conservative base. 

What we can learn from this is that although voting blue is trendy within Hollywood and the media, living under blue policy...well, sucks. There is a history of charismatic influencers, whether they be actors, singers, or even politicians, who talk about left-wing policy with a lofty air of modernity, progress, and new-age nobility. In reality, this is what all that nonsense gets you: failed and unlivable societies.

Some Californians are getting fed up. The repeal of Prop 47, which softened and capped punishments for crime, has been put on the ballot for November. 


Prop 47 Repeal Makes the California Ballot, but Dictator Newsom Hates the Will of the People

The best thing that could happen to California is for the people to get smart and start voting out their far-left leaders. Truthfully, that may be unlikely to happen in the near future. Eventually, one would think the state's citizens will realize through experience that the policies they have been sold don't work. Like Goldie Hawn, when it happens to you, you start to think differently. But to assume that all people learn through hardship is to ignore history and human nature. So those who see the light will continue to fight for change or move out. But those who live in the red states Californians are seeking refuge in have one request: Don't try to change us to make us like the place you left.



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