Prayer shaming: They know not what they do


(I was going to write on this, but Steve did me the favor of saying it much better than I would, with grace…Bill S)  Having run out of excuses why mass shootings are becoming regular events, Leftists have exposed their worldview like a peacock fanning its tail feathers: in full lavish display.  To them, prayer is, and always has been, a useless exercise.  They see no hand of God in anything.


Lord, forgive them.  They know not what they do.

This new phenomenon has been dubbed “prayer shaming,” as if somehow it’s offensive that people of faith are praying for victims.   They call it “platitudes” instead of action.  They proclaim “God isn’t fixing this.” They think gun control is some magic medicine to cure our illness, but they’ve misdiagnosed the disease.

And the New York Daily News published the worst headline possibly since Time Magazine went with “Is God Dead?” in 1966.

But they’re wrong.  God can fix it, if we’d only ask him.  It’s called prayer.  Prayerlessness is what caused this in the first place.  Prayerlessness, so valued by the Left, is the poison that caused our sin cancer in America and they think more of the same poison will cure it.


The progressive Left (the people who own the Democratic Party; who voted to remove God from its platform, and BOOED GOD at their national convention) forgot American history–or rewrote it–and became so lost that they don’t realize the fate of this entire nation is God’s to fix.  Or not fix.

General George Washington was surrounded by a much larger force of red coats in Brooklyn Heights on the evening of August 29, 1776. Come morning, the British were going to finish him off, and there was nothing he could do about it.  All night, in the rain, Washington’s troops crossed the East River–their only possible route of escape.  Heavy rain and winds slowed progress.

Washington, a God-fearing man, prayed.  He asked God to deliver him and his 8,000 men from the British. If the nascent Continental Army failed to escape that night, the Revolutionary War would end.  The British would win.

At 11 p.m., the wind subsided, and under cover of darkness and clouds, Washington’s men were able to load extra weight on the boats, and cross a now-glassy smooth, calm river.  As dawn approached, many men were still waiting to cross, and then a miracle occurred.  Fog rolled in, and covered the retreat until the last man crossed over.  Every American general attributed the success of the desperate retreat to God.  None of them said “do something!” because there was nothing to do.

Passing federal laws to confiscate all “assault-style” weapons is man’s way of dealing with a threat we cannot handle ourselves.  It won’t work–it didn’t work in France; it didn’t work in Copenhagen; it didn’t work in Norway. President Obama’s rhetoric about the pattern of mass shootings versus the rest of the world is flat-out wrong.


We’ve evicted God from our government, from our schools, from the public square, from marriage, and now the Left is trying to evict God from society in even the most stressful situations where prayer and comfort is most needed.  Where God is not welcome, sin abounds.  The Left expects people who live their lives without God to suddenly have goodwill, self restraint, and moral reasoning from some other source.

God, in His sovereignty, will hand them the fruit of their ignorance. As for me, I am going to pray for our country, and especially for those who feel prayer is useless.  Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.

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