Oops! Washington Post 'glitch': retracted story confirms Biden run a bit early


It’s one thing to get ahead of the news cycle, but this “oops!” seems to be a bit more—maybe the Washington Post knows something it’s not telling?

Politico reported that WaPo hit “publish” just a bit too soon on a piece titled “Biden to launch a presidential campaign.”  It’s been simmering around the Internet that Biden may announce at the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson dinner on Saturday.  But WaPo’s story made it a done deal.

Was an embargo deal inadvertently broken in a publishing flub? It appears not.

Post congressional reporter Paul Kane, whose byline appeared on the article, was quick to tweet out the details. It seems this wasn’t news published before it was ready—just a “shell” story prepared so that the Post could push the button faster in case Biden did announce.

We’d love to see the “he’s not running” story. Yeah, right.

Kane did have some fun with the “glitch,” however.

That’s undoubtedly already written too.

In any case, Vice President Biden, welcome to the fray! Let us know when the indictments against Hillary will be unsealed.