The Left is Frothing, Raving and Losing Its Mind Over the Fall of House Duggar


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Nothing causes the lunatic Left to froth and rave and lose its mind like Christianity in action.

Whenever something awful happens and Christians do what Christians are commanded to do: forgive, the left simply draws a blank.  That’s just a place in their brains where the door is permanently locked (even those on the left who call themsevles Christian).

As one example, back in 2007, Matthew Murray shot and killed two Youth With a Mission (YWAM) trainees in Arvada, Colorado, escaped and drove to New Life Church in Colorado Springs, killing one more and wounding three.  Murray was shot and killed by a security guard at the church.

The New York Times published two stories on the killings (here and here), but neither one of them mentioned YWAM’s reaction to the shooting, although they ensured that both articles contained references to Ted Haggard, “who resigned in disgrace last year after acknowledging a three-year sexual relationship with a male prostitute.”  (The exact same wording appeared in both articles.)

After the YWAM victims’ funerals, Christianity Today published an interview with Peter Warren, YWAM’s director.

I was so amazed and proud at the families and how they responded to Matthew’s family. They didn’t feel Matthew’s parents were responsible or should be carrying that weight. They said to Matthew’s family, “We don’t need to forgive you because you did not do anything wrong. But even if Matthew were alive, we would still forgive him.

Nobody in the mainstream media would print that statement, although many of them attended the funeral and witnessed it.  Even if they had wanted to publish it, I venture to guess that their editors wouldn’t allow it.  Such things are simply impossible to people who don’t live in a world where God exists.

Fast forward to 2015, and an extremely painful situation for a very public Christian family.

I dove headfirst into the cauldron of insanity over the weekend with three posts on my personal blog about Josh Duggar (here, here, and here).  The first post went viral, causing no end of awful comments and tweets.

I won’t go into the contents of my posts here—Josh Duggar did some really horrible stuff to his sisters 12 years ago and avoided any real punishment—but the fact that he appears to have straightened up and given his life over to Christ threw the left into “tilt.”

There will be distortions.  Oh yes, the distortions and accusations have barely even begun.  They’ll call him a serial molester.  They’ll extend the accusations to his father Jim Bob, who reported the incident to the police himself, according to the New York Daily News.  They’ll paint the whole family as Branch Davidians and Jim Bob as David Koresh.

After dealing with Twitter trolls, I finally asked one question I thought would open a fruitful conversation:  “Seriously to the #JoshDuggar trolls: what would you like to see happen?”

I got one useful answer (amid a whole bunch of profanity-laced tirades and threats to rape my wife):

I tried to follow it up.

Followed to its logical conclusion, any argument with the left asserting that someone can be redeemed by the power of Christ in their life ends with a profane tweet, “f*** your god.”  This visceral hatred for God is a shared trait between the political left and the world, for whom the Gospel is foolishness and forgiveness is beyond comprehension.

Hatred for God manifests itself in a very real desire to see Christians denigrated, vilified, and their faith destroyed.  Quick to give the benefit of the doubt to those who agree with their humanist worldview, they deny wrongdoing by their heroes like Bill Clinton, who repeatedly lied about his sexual sins.

As for the Duggars, this is their opinion.

I will make one final comment on this.

Josh Duggar got away with a D felony as a juvenile, and his parents helped him stay out of jail or any meaningful court-imposed punishment. I don’t deny that.

However, the Duggar parents ensured that Josh received Christian counseling and took measures to protect their daughters from further abuse, both by removing Josh from the home, and instituting new safety procedures when he returned. They aren’t monsters as the left paints them. What father wants his son to be locked up?

The police report and statements from the Duggars support the fact that Josh did straighten up, and for the last 12 years he has lived an exemplary life—all glory to God on this.

The one time I met Duggar, I found him to be a very humble, well-spoken young man, and very committed to the kingdom of God. I pray that God will get him and his family through this situation and use him in some way in the future. God has no problem with damaged goods.

But the left will never, ever accept him again, and is indeed rejoicing at the fall of House Duggar. They relentlessly attack anyone who dares to suggest that the man can do anything positive (besides die) for society.

These are the people who dominate American culture, and these are the people who seek to dominate our politics.

We cannot ever let them win.

(Photo credit: The Washington Post)