Jeb Bush's CPAC Debacle Wasn't Saved By Bussing In Supporters


Jeb Bush’s campaign is calling Dick Tuck to see if he’s behind the debacle he suffered at CPAC 2015.

Gateway Pundit confirmed that Jeb bussed in supporters so it wouldn’t look like everyone in the room hated him (or worse, left).  But it didn’t matter, because they booed him anyway.



And they left.


And Slate got hold of the emails from Fritz Brogan telling his K-street astroturf crowd,

We strongly recommend arriving as early as possible to get a seat,” wrote Brogan in an email sent to undisclosed recipients. “Our ‘Early Rise’ team will be there at 7:30am onward helping reserve seats- if you want to join the early team, let me know.”

Brogan wrote that there were still available seats on buses leaving from K Street and Georgetown at noon on Friday to get to the event in time for Bush’s talk.

Sean Hannity should have gotten combat awkward pay for asking the questions in the Q&A.  There was no speech.  The Gaylord National Harbor is a nice place, and it would be hard to clean up rotten tomatoes and beer bottles that would surely be thrown were Bush to actually address the crowd.

Score negative ten for Team Jeb.


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