Ezra Klein Breaks The Internet with Dumb

Here it is:


This is Vox’s piece by Brad Plumer depicting Senator James Inhofe tossing a snowball on the Senate floor.  He then segues into more pretty charts showing data from the Climate Change Institute and NOAA.

When will the climate kook-aid drinking liberals get it through their heads?

It’s not pretty charts, it’s the data behind them that’s cooked.

If you use cooked data to make pretty charts, they are still wrong.  Ask professor John Christy what happens when you see the actual data, and come to a different conclusion than the kool-aid, chicken-bone, and tea-leaves portend.

John Christy, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, says he remembers the morning he spotted a well-known colleague at a gathering of climate experts. “I walked over and held out my hand to greet him,” Dr. Christy recalled. “He looked me in the eye, and he said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Come on, shake hands with me.’ And he said, ‘No.’ ”

Can you say “untouchable”?

“I detest words like ‘contrarian’ and ‘denier,’ ” he said. “I’m a data-driven climate scientist. Every time I hear that phrase, ‘The science is settled,’ I say I can easily demonstrate that that is false, because this is the climate — right here. The science is not settled.”

Dr. Christy was pointing to a chart comparing seven computer projections of global atmospheric temperatures based on measurements taken by satellites and weather balloons. The projections traced a sharp upward slope; the actual measurements, however, ticked up only slightly.

Such charts — there are others, sometimes less dramatic but more or less accepted by the large majority of climate scientists — are the essence of the divide between that group on one side and Dr. Christy and a handful of other respected scientists on the other.


In other words, pretty charts are really nice, but the data is not pointing at the cataclysm Ezra Klein and his phalanx of climate change Chicken Littles predict.

I think [mc_name name=’Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’I000024′ ] had it right…there’s a snowball’s chance in hell (sorry, Oklahoma) that their data is correct.  Sorry, Ezra, our great grandchildren are much more likely to hate us because they are living in caves with no electricity, money, weapons, or food  by following the destructive socialist policies of the Left, than because of climate change.


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