Lawfare: Feds Launch Another New Probe Against Governor Christie


The Obama administration’s never-ending investigations against New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie continue, as the Feds launch a new probe.  Christie hasn’t even announced his presidential campaign yet, and the Democrats are already loading their trebuchets with Jersey mud.


The International Business Times reported Bennet Barlyn’s allegation that he was fired from his job with the Hunterdon County prosecutor’s office as retaliation for his opposing the state’s dismissal of indictments against a county sheriff back in 2010.

Barlyn told IBTimes that he met with the federal investigators at his Pennsylvania home for more than an hour on Wednesday afternoon. He said they specifically focused on why Christie’s then-attorney general, Paula Dow, had moved to expunge the indictments. The investigators are examining what state and federal laws may have been broken in the process.

In 2008, Barlyn, a Democrat, investigated Hunterdon County Sheriff Doborah Trout, a Republican and Christie supporter, for corruption.  He convened a grand jury that returned 43 indictments against her and two others in her department.  Barlyn’s dispute with Governor Christie began when the state attorney general’s office took over the case and moved to have the indictments overturned.  Even The New York Times admitted in a 2013 hit-piece,

There is no evidence that Mr. Christie ordered the dismissal of the charges against Sheriff Trout. But his attorney general, Paula T. Dow, who had served as his counsel at the United States attorney’s office, supervised the quashing of the indictment and the ouster of the respected prosecutors.


Apparently “no evidence” isn’t enough to stop a Federal investigation for something that happened almost seven years ago.  They tried to sink him with the George Washington Bridge lane closure probe, and found no evidence there either.

Back to the current probe:  A Democrat produced 43 indictments against a county sheriff for her hiring practices, and the state attorney general decided to kill the witch hunt.  You may know the adage that a good prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.  Just multiply it 43 times.  The state attorney general’s corruption bureau chief took over the case and said the indictments “seek to criminalize what are essentially bad management decisions.”  He dismissed the indictments.

Barlyn objected.  Then he strenuously objected.  He just couldn’t let it go, like it was the Pelican Brief or Erin Brockovich.  After fuming a while, Barlyn confronted deputy attorney general Demot O’Grady and told him the dismissal was unlawful and motivated by corrupt politics.  Push hard enough, and cry “corruption” to your boss, and see what happens.  Predictably, Barlyn was fired on September 15, 2010.

But Barlyn doesn’t know when to give up, because like most New Jersey Democrats, he’s got an over-developed sense of vengeance.  He spent so much time trying to get his hands on the secret grand jury transcripts that the state took the extreme measure of having them shipped to Trenton.  Barlyn—who instigated the state to take action—presents this as proof of a coverup.  And the liberal press was more than happy to expose it.


Since then, Barlyn has convinced a Superior Court judge to order the attorney general to release grand jury records to him.  Grand jury records are always secret—their secrecy protects the grand jurors and allows them to make decisions free from fear of retribution.  These records rarely ever released (for good reason) and the state has appealed the decision.  Now the Feds are involved, and what a coincidence that is.

Barlyn has been fighting this battle for five years, yet the Feds wait until now to launch a criminal probe.  It’s just more business as usual, for the Obama administration’s Department of Lawfare: the Chicago Way.


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