Vox.com employs anti-Israel propagandists


Everybody’s making fun of voxster Zack Beauchamp these days, even Moe Lane pitched in (thanks Moe).  The dynamic dumbasses Beauchamp and Fisher have published more lies per column-inch than anyone since Goebbels and Fritsche.


While many thinking people pass this off as simple laziness or stupidity, I suggest there’s a darker motive here.  Beauchamp and Fisher are propagandists, and they hate Israel.  Since February this year, Zack Beauchamp and Max Fisher have made a name for themselves on vox.com as Hamas apologists and Israel bashers.  Before that, they were with the Washington Post, hardly a love den for Israel (WaPo recently published one of the most offensive animations I’ve seen online in Post-TV).

The hallmark of their reporting is made-up facts, twisted facts to fit their “conclusions”, and outright fabrications.  Beauchamp (he wants you to pronounce it “BEE-chum”) hails from Brown University, one of the most anti-Semitic campuses outside of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University.

Beauchamp wrote “Everything you need to know about Israel-Palestine” on vox, a tainted piece of yellow journalism so packed with lies it took over eleven hundred words to even scratch the surface.

One of Max Fisher’s crowning achievements at WaPo was “A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries” that turned out to be total and complete manure.  It was merely something Fisher conjured up based on a deeply flawed study to spout his own views.

Of the articles that Fisher published at WaPo, I could not find a single one* that leaned toward Israel’s moral right to exist and defend itself.  Every one I read referred to Israel’s troubles with the Palestinians as an “occupation”, or presumed that Israel’s motives are racially and religiously prejudiced, while all the Palestinians want is an end to the “occupation”.


Some articles had to be updated later to correct horrendous falsehoods, such as when BBC journalist Jihad Masharawi’s 11-month old was killed in 2012 during the last rocket-surge—Fisher wrote “An Israeli round hit Misharawi’s four-room home in Gaza”, which was later amended with this:  “(Update: A United Nations draft report finds that Omar Mishrawi may actually have been killed by a Hamas rocket.)”  Even in Fisher’s “clarification”, he wouldn’t back off, saying:

[UN representative Matthias] Behnke explained that the report does not “unequivocally conclude” that Mishrawi was killed by a Hamas munition, but said that evidence did point toward a rocket fired by a Palestinian group.

Then he goes on about a BBC story expressing doubt about the UN report.  Fisher will write anything to make Israel the criminal, and make Hamas look life freedom fighters, not terrorists bent on the destruction of Israel.

If Beauchamp and Fisher’s work isn’t propaganda, there’s no meaning to the word.


*Google Max Fisher Israel Washington Post


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