Comedy Central Daily Show more trusted for news than MSNBC

As I’ve long suspected, MSNBC is a failed comedy that takes itself too seriously.  Its trust rating as a news organization has been surpassed by Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.  Here we have Comedy Central, a real comedy network, trusted more than MSNBC, a fake comedy network posing as news.


The survey by the Bookings Institution and Public Religion Research Institute is even more revealing about how Americans get their news.

2014-06-11-MSNBCtrustA picture is worth a thousand words, and this one clearly shows which party claims “low information voters.”  Getting the majority of your news from a 30-minute liberal spin cycle and recycled Obama talking points is guaranteed to wash even the most energetic of brain cells into a state of compliant somnambulance.  Democrats should be able to cast every episode of The Walking Dead based on their news diet.

New Republic poo-poohs the study. Shilling for the liberal MSM, they contend that Fox News is an “echo chamber” and retreat to the safety of nervous laughter behind Obama’s 2012 presidential election victory as proof.  That line is so frayed that even liberals find it useless.

The Heritage Foundation nails the truth in their response:

Geoffrey Lysaught, vice president of strategic communications at The Heritage Foundation, sees it differently. Too many news networks underestimate their audience, according to Lysaught. In his estimation, the success of Fox News and the failure of MSNBC should be attributed to the American people’s ability to “know the difference between credible, high-quality reporting and ‘spin’ presented as news.”


Even flaming liberal Jon Stewart knows that treating your viewers like morons is bad TV.

Maybe after seeing this, and the repeated ratings debacle day after day, GE will wise up and use that valuable 30 Rock real estate for something more useful, like a gym or a bike storage room to get some carbon credits.  In the meantime, the new tag line will be MSNBC: No See TV.


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