WATCH: Late Night TV Host Hilariously Mocks Biden - Why the Change of Heart All of a Sudden?

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For years, late-night television has been more friendly when it comes to Democrats, such as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and President Biden, while mocking former President Trump. 


Although Jimmy Fallon has been critical of Biden in the past, the timing of his latest segment seems to suggest that television personalities are not shying away from having their feelings known: Biden should step aside. 

The segment featured Fallon as Biden on the phone with another individual pretending to be Obama. They discussed Biden's interview on "Morning Joe" and mocked his debate performance. 

Fallon asked, "Who is this?" and when the person playing Obama said, "It's Barack," Fallon followed up with, "You're going to have to be more specific."


It was a funny segment, but when thinking about the fact that Biden is the person who is commander-in-chief, is not only sad but a scary sight for the country. 

It seems like the media (except MSNBC, for the most part) has come to grips with the belief that Biden can't defeat Trump in November. Of course, their goal still is to prevent Trump from entering the White House again, so that is why they are raising the alarm bells and want somebody else as the Democrat nominee. 


Fallon has mocked Trump for years and likely will continue to do so, but for any late-night host to come out and mock Biden was a surprise, considering other late-night hosts such as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel are wings of the Democrat Party at this point. 

Here are just a few snippets of those moments:


These are just three examples from the past eight years. Yes, late-night show hosts usually tend to lean left. But now, they don't even try to hide their bias, which is part of the reason why their ratings have tanked. Their one goal should be to make people laugh; that's why people used to watch late-night shows, but now, some of these hosts have made it their mission to make Trump look as bad as possible. 

Fallon's mockery of Biden might signal the beginning of a shift where the satire isn't solely aimed at one side of the political spectrum. However, I wouldn't hold my breath for similar segments from Kimmel or Colbert anytime soon.


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