Justice Thomas’ Ally Believes There Were ‘Errors and Deceptions’ in Reports of Gifts the Justice Received

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has come under scrutiny over the alleged gifts that he received. Of course, without taking the time to fact-check, the mainstream media took this story and hammered it for weeks. 


We know that regardless of what evidence disproves MSNBC's "reporting," they won't backtrack or apologize for running such headlines. 

Attorney Mark Paoletta is an ally of Thomas, and he had this to say in an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal about the reports of the "gifts" the Supreme Court Justice received. 

It’s late in the Supreme Court’s term, which means it’s hunting season for the justices’ detractors. As usual, Clarence Thomas is a prime target. Fix the Court, which styles itself a nonpartisan advocate for ‘non-ideological ‘fixes’’ to make the judiciary ‘more open and more accountable’—released a chart purporting to show that Justice Thomas has received almost $4.2 million in gifts and ‘likely gifts’ between 2004 and 2023.

Paoletta mentions in the WSJ piece that the other justices have also received gifts totaling $600,000. 

The other 16 justices who served during that period, according to the chart, received a combined total of less than $600,000 in gifts. That includes a mere $3,150 for Justice Anthony Kennedy, $55,014 for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and $15,500 for Justice Stephen Breyer. Can that be true? No. A review of Fix the Court’s claims shows multiple errors and deceptions.

Paoletta exposed the report's bias, which did not include any of the other justices' visits to close friends' homes.


It counts as ‘gifts’ Justice Thomas’s trips and vacations with friends that weren’t required to be disclosed. Fix the Court counts annual visits by Justice and Ginni Thomas to the summer home of their longtime friends Harlan and Kathy Crow as a gift valued at $280,950. But no other justice’s visits to close friends’ homes are listed on its chart.

The left does not hide their hatred for Justice Thomas; they are open about it, so this report is not surprising. They will stop at nothing to find any little evidence on him and make him step down. Similar to what they tried doing to former President Trump. 

Paoletta continued, dissecting the Fix the Court piece:

He traveled to Dallas in 2022 to speak at a civil-rights conference hosted in part by the American Enterprise Institute. Fix the Court counts the plane travel provided by Mr. Crow, an AEI trustee, as a gift valued at $68,333. But the group doesn’t count Justice Breyer’s more than 230 trips for events—63 of them outside the U.S.—including the 17 trips the Pritzker family’s Architecture Foundation paid for Justice Breyer to take to London, Paris, Beijing and Copenhagen.

The blatant bias is mind-boggling, but this is what the left does. They will report on any minor detail of Thomas because they want him off the Supreme Court but turn a blind eye to those they favor on the Court. 

Paoletta concluded his piece by saying:


ProPublica this month published an article titled “Harlan Crow Provided Clarence Thomas at Least 3 Previously Undisclosed Private Jet Trips, Senate Probe Finds.” As it has done before, the organization failed to cite the Judicial Conference’s 2012 ruling that these trips weren’t subject to disclosure. Like Fix the Court, ProPublica aims to smear disfavored justices, not to report honestly on the court.

It is unfortunate that Justice Thomas has to go through the wringer, but other justices are being skipped over by the biased reporting and not being pressured to step down from their seats. The left's goal is to expand the Supreme Court or force one of the conservative justices to vacate their seat. It's safe to say that Supreme Court Justice will definitely not be Clarence Thomas. 



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