Kasie Hunt's Husband Called Out for Celebrating Trump's Mugshot, Reacts Poorly

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office via AP

After the fiasco that unfolded Monday morning on CNN when host Kasie Hunt had Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt on the show to discuss the campaign and Thursday's debate, Leavitt correctly pointed out that Jake Tapper and Dana Bash have said harsh things about Trump over the years. 


Hunt snapped, cutting the interview short. She then posted on X, saying that when people come on her show, they respect her colleagues. How is telling a fact disrespectful now?

Following the interview, Hunt received criticism for the way she abruptly ended the interview with Leavitt. 

Shortly after, Simon Ateba, a Chief White House Correspondent for Today News Africa, posted a screenshot of a tweet by Hunt's husband, Matthew Mario Rivera, which he posted after Trump's mugshot was released.

Rivera is a producer for NBC's "Meet the Press." NBC is another network that "skews" left, yet it has a producer who pushes propaganda for the Democrat party. I am sure he isn't the only one at NBC who posts such content. 

After Ateba pointed out that Rivera is a cheerleader for the Democrats, trying to prove that Hunt is no different, Rivera blocked Ateba and switched his account to private so nobody else could see his posts or comment under previous posts he has made. 


As usual, the left can throw the punches but can't take them. He put the post out there for the public to see; all the White House Correspondent did was point out that the post existed, and Rivera got defensive over that. 

The bias seems to run in the family, and that is OK, but the issue is they claim to be nonpartisan and unbiased, yet they are the exact opposite. 

Going back to the credibility of Kasie Hunt and her network, CNN hasn't been as critical of President Biden but claims to be in the middle of the political spectrum. They are not as biased as MSNBC, but they definitely are not in the middle, and they prefer Biden over Trump. 

Yes, they bring guests who are Democrats and Republicans; however, the overwhelming majority of anchors on the network want to make Trump look as bad as possible and Biden look golden. 

When it comes to conservative media, they don't hide their bias. The liberal media should learn to do the same and stop pretending to be nonpartisan.


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