Parents Could Have the Decisive Vote in November

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Between school lockdowns, mandates, and indoctrination, parents are fed up. But, they will have their voices heard in November.

If the polls are any indication, most parents will vote for GOP candidates because they trust Republicans on the issue of education. Impact Research is a “progressive public opinion research firm specializing in message development and strategic consulting,” and they conducted a poll regarding education. The poll showed that 47 percent of likely voters trust Republicans on issues of education compared to 43 percent who trust Democrats.


Matt Hogan, a partner at Impact Research, said:

“This poll shows that Democrats’ historic advantage on education has been erased. While Democrats typically enjoyed a double-digit advantage on which party was more trusted on education before the pandemic, voters in these battleground districts now narrowly trust Republicans more on the issue.”

The GOP sees parents’ rights as a “sleeper issue” ahead of the midterm election. Jessica Anderson is the executive director of the conservative group Heritage Action, and she said:

“Parents want education, not indoctrination, and we should expect this movement to have a major impact in the midterm elections. This is one of many issues causing voters to support conservatives — the same people who care about education care about others like inflation and crime.”

The GOP sees Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s victory last year as a blueprint to success. For those who might not know, LibsofTikTok has been posting videos on social media, highlighting videos posted by teachers who embrace teaching young children about LGBTQ and what pronouns they should call each other.

Danielle Alvarez, communications director for the Republican National Committee (RNC), said:

“Education and parents’ rights is an important issue this election, just as it was in Virginia last year, and Republican candidates will be victorious, just ask Terry McAuliffe.”


Here are just a few of them:

These videos are just a glimpse of what takes place in some schools and school districts. That is why parents are fed up, and they will have their voices heard loud and clear in November.

School choice will benefit every student, no matter their race or gender. Every politician should be in favor of school choice, but that is far from the case. The only party that seems to be fighting for school choice is the Republican party.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wrote an op-ed earlier in October that, in part, stated:


“Whether it’s unscientific lockdowns and mask mandates, destructive ideologies, or an open border that’s allowing ‘rainbow’ fentanyl targeting children to pour into our country, Democrats consistently put their special interests first, and our kids suffer for it.”

Education, along with crime, public safety, the economy, and the border crisis, will be vital issues during the midterm elections. If the GOP continues to hone in on those issues, they should be able to win the majority in the House and Senate.


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