Will the World Turn a Blind Eye Again? Armenia Says At Least 49 Soldiers Were Killed in Attacks by Azerbaijan

(Aram Kirakosyan/PAN Photo via AP)

Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 A.D.

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Empire leader, Talat Pasha, commanded the Ottoman Empire authorities to arrest and deport an estimated 800,000 to 1.2 million Armenian women, children, and elderly people, as they were sent on death marches into the Syrian Desert.


This atrocity began in 1915 and continued through 1923, as Turkey committed genocide, and 1.5 million Armenians were massacred during World War I. The goal of the Turks was to exterminate the Armenians. Their goal was for the Armenian people to become extinct, but they failed.

Now, Azerbaijan partnered with Turkey to try to commit a second genocide. In 2020, Azerbaijani forces attacked Nagorno-Karabakh, which killed 6,600 people. Armenians marched on the streets to get people’s attention, more importantly, world leaders’ attention. All we saw were empty statements by leaders around the world.

On Tuesday, Azerbaijani forces shelled Armenia’s territory, killing at least 49 Armenian soldiers.

Jermuk is a town in Armenia. The most recent attack by Azerbaijan targeted Armenia, not Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan is attacking territories in Armenia, which is contrary to international agreements.

From the Associated Press:

Azerbaijani forces shelled Armenia’s territory Tuesday and killed at least 49 Armenian soldiers, Armenia’s prime minister said, a large-scale attack that fueled fears of broader hostilities breaking out between the longtime adversaries.

The hostilities erupted minutes after midnight, with Azerbaijani forces unleashing an artillery barrage and drone attacks in many sections of Armenian territory, according to the Armenian Defense Ministry.


Joe Biden was the first U.S. President to recognize that the Armenian genocide happened; however, since then, he waived section 907 of the Freedom Support Act, allowing the U.S. to provide military assistance to Azerbaijan.

Geopolitically, Armenia is an important country in the Caucuses. If Armenia is eliminated, Turkey and Azerbaijan will combine and establish a pan-Turkic empire all the way to Tajikistan to re-establish the former Ottoman Empire.

World leaders astonishingly turn a blind eye to the terrorist acts of Azerbaijan and the daily assault on the Armenian people and Christianity, aided and abetted by Turkey.

The strategic position of Armenia in the Caucuses is more important to the Western powers than Ukraine because it is a unitary, multi-party, democratic nation-state surrounded by totalitarian regimes.

Murderous dictator Joseph Stalin illegally assigned the Armenian territory of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan. Now, Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev claims that the territory was theirs to start with when Azerbaijan was not even recognized as an independent country until 1991.


In theory, the Russians are supposed to protect Armenia, and because of their heavy involvement in Ukraine, they have created a void that Azerbaijan is exploiting by attacking Armenian territories and killing soldiers and villagers. Due to Russia’s heavy involvement in Ukraine, Aliyev feels empowered to do whatever he wants without impunity.

For all those world leaders, celebrities, athletes, and social media users with Ukrainian flags in their bio, individuals who hang Ukrainian flags outside their homes, and all those who claim to care about human rights and tragedy’s around the world, where are you? Where are the United Nations? As Azerbaijan and Turkey attempt to commit another genocide, this time potentially wiping Armenia off the map, how could any of those people who claim to be human rights advocates stay silent?

Where is the outrage by the mainstream media? They have been covering the Ukraine-Russia war since February, and rightfully so, but every single news anchor or journalist who speaks about the war and extensively covers it claims they care about human rights. Why are those same people quiet about the atrocities being committed by Azerbaijan?


The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is vital to the West, including the United States of America, because it might erupt into a more significant regional conflict.

Alexis Ohanian Sr. posted on Instagram:

Armenia — a democracy — is under attack from Azerbaijan (a petro-dictatorship). 100+ years after genocide (and a year after POTUS finally recognized it) — how will the USA respond this time?

This is a war on Christianity and humanity.


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