Gavin Newsom Gives Backhanded Endorsement to Ron DeSantis

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to continue to remain on Gavin Newsom’s mind, as Newsom posted a bizarre tweet on Thursday, saying he will donate $100,000 to Charlie Crist. It seems evident that DeSantis is living in Newsom’s head rent-free because the California Governor seems a bit worried about the Florida gubernatorial race, which could lead to a potential future White House bout against DeSantis.


Newsom tweeted:

“Time to make Ron DeSantis a one-term governor. I’m pledging $100k right now to @CharlieCrist. Who will join me in helping Charlie become the next Governor of Florida?”

It truly is sad how Newsom spends more time worrying about red states than he does about his own state that is in a mess, partly due to his incompetence. Newsom was mayor of San Francisco from 2004 until 2011. Then he became Lieutenant Governor from 2011 until 2019. Now, he’s the Governor, so he has spent over 18 years as a “leader” in California. He has done the bare minimum to help residents; while crime has become rampant due to his endorsed District Attorneys’ soft-on-crime policies, homelessness has gotten far worse because there is no concrete plan besides spending more taxpayer money, with nothing to show for it, and claiming he is the “homeless czar” — we can see that. He has no concrete plan to crack down on the open-air drug market, he does not hire more mental health workers to treat the homeless in need, and he does not effectively fund the rescue missions, so that they can get to the bottom of the homelessness crisis. There are far more crises facing California, but those are the more significant ones that the state faces.


So this “endorsement” by Newsom for Charlie Crist is actually a backhanded endorsement for DeSantis. California saw its population shrink for the first time ever in back-to-back years, while Florida saw its population grow exponentially. DeSantis’ campaign welcomes Newsom’s support for Crist, as Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ response director, tweeted: “Who needs opposition research when your opponents are like this.”

It seems obvious that Newsom is going to run for President, whether that’s in 2024 or 2028. California conservatives are outnumbered nearly three-to-one compared to liberals, but that won’t be the case when Newsom decides to run for President. The GOP should welcome that because Newsom has too many flaws that are waiting to be exposed.


The biggest difference between Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom is that DeSantis gets things done. Newsom only makes big, bold promises and delivers the bare minimum.


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