Politico Editor Tries to Revive Biden in a Last-Ditch Effort

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As President Joe Biden seems to be on the verge of becoming a lame duck President, the liberal media is wasting no time coming to his rescue. John Harris, the founding editor at Politico, has written a piece praising Biden.


The headline reads: “Wait, Is Biden a Better President Than People Thought?” Harris claims that Biden could earn a “solid B” by the end of his first term, adding that Biden seemed to be “failing his class for most of the semester.”

Harris continues:

“Many progressives have spent the Biden years in a mood of rising despair and even rage about the prospects for achieving the kind of fundamental change they believe the country and world urgently need … Above all, they wish Joe Biden was a different kind of president — or that a different leader altogether was in his job.”

Harris argues that the “Inflation Reduction Act” is on the verge of passing; he said:

“Suddenly, the mood is looking up. Manchin’s surprise decision to back $370 billion in tax credits to stimulate clean-energy technologies and other progressive environmental priorities came after many Democrats had concluded hope was pointless.”

Harris writes that since Biden can pass the climate legislation, “it invites a reappraisal of Biden’s leadership.”

As he continued his praise, he said, Biden “is looking a little like the student who is failing his class for most of the semester, then pulls an all-nighter and slips the paper under the professor’s door at 6 a.m.”


He adds: “It turns out the paper is actually pretty good. There’s no way he’s getting an A for the term, but no fair grader would give him an F, either. A solid B is within reach.”

Harris claims that due to the climate legislation, Biden’s presidency is revivable.

“Biden’s presidency has more life, and more possibility, than it looked like 48 hours ago.”

He concludes:

“Joe Biden, like Joe Manchin, has shown the ability to surprise people. But it seems unlikely that he can transform himself or the limitations that have shadowed his presidency to date.”

As RedState’s Bonchie reported on Thursday, Politico claimed that Biden is “back in the game” as they are looking to single-handedly revive his Presidency.

As families are still struggling with sky-high inflation, gas prices are still too high, and the southern border crisis, among other issues, one piece of climate legislation will not change the minds of independent voters or moderate Democrats. My colleague Brandon Morse wrote on Wednesday about a poll showing an overwhelming majority — 75 percent — of Democrats do not want Biden as the party’s nominee. Certainly, it won’t change the minds of Conservatives.


According to a Gallup poll conducted from June 1 to June 20, 54 percent of those surveyed said their economic confidence and current conditions are poor, 34 percent said only fair, and 11 percent said good. None of the respondents said the conditions are excellent. That is the reality of the Biden administration.

Politico and other media outlets can do their best to prop up Biden, but it’s too little, too late, as voters are fed up with the media being lap dogs for the left–and they seem poised to make their voices heard in November.



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