George Gascon Releases Another Violent Felon, This Time a Murderer Serving 50-Year Prison Sentence

George Gascon CREDIT: Twitter, Rev. Al Sharpton


Disgraced Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has made another destructive decision by releasing a reputed gang member and convicted murderer from prison.


According to court documents, in March of 2015, Andrew Cahcu was 17 years old when he helped murder 41-year-old Louis Amela in Palmdale, California, during a robbery. Cachu was sentenced to a 50-year prison sentence, beginning in juvenile detention, according to Fox News Digital.

The murderer was released in November 2021–after serving just six years–following Deputy District Attorney Alissa Blair, a close Gascon ally, declining to present evidence at a hearing to decide whether Cachu should remain in custody after turning 25, since he would be out of the juvenile detention facility where he was being held,

Jonathan Hatami, a child abuse prosecutor and child victim/survivor advocate, posted a thread on Twitter, with a timeline of the release details:

On Wednesday evening, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said Chacu was arrested again, after being involved in a chase. Lieutenant L. Arnold said officers responded to a report of a person passed out in a car blocking driving lanes, when they came across Cachu, who was seemingly asleep. They also found a gun on him. Arnold told Fox News Digital:


“He came to and a pursuit happened, a vehicle pursuit … He crashed the car, foot pursuit, deputies detained him.”

Deputies say that the murderer ditched the firearm during the chase, which LASD recovered. Arnold added, “[H]e was obviously under the influence,” adding that police found “many drugs” in the vehicle.

Kathy Cady, a California Attorney representing Amela’s family, told Fox News Digital:

“He never should have been out on the streets … The only reason he was out on the streets is because of Gascon’s policies and his handpicked surrogate, Alisa Blair, refused to put up any evidence … at the hearing.”

Gascon “condemned” Cachu’s new crime, saying:

“We are disappointed to learn that Mr. Cachu has not availed himself of the support that he so clearly needs, grateful that no physical harm came to anyone, and are committed to holding him accountable as an adult in this case.”

However, on Thursday, Gascon defended the decision to release Cachu, saying:

“As California law requires, our office reviewed Mr. Cachu’s original case, where he had been sentenced as an adult despite committing the crime as a minor, … Based upon the facts of the case and the individual characteristics of Mr. Cachu we determined that we would not likely prevail in a transfer hearing because we could not prove that he would not have benefited from juvenile resources at the time of the original offense – again, as the law requires.”


Cady fired back at Gascon, saying the statement was “riddled with falsehoods.”

“He is badly mistaken, or being misled, or ignorant, I don’t know which of those it is … But he’s just plain wrong. What he claims is ridiculous. And when you have people who have done very, very dangerous things that have negatively impacted the community, they should not be released after short prison sentences.”

This is outrageous; people are fed up with Gascon’s pro-crime and soft-on-crime approach. He has harmed many residents and families in Los Angeles County and should be held accountable. In fact, a recall in November is not enough–he should be prosecuted for all the damages his policies have caused.



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