Rep. Victoria Spartz, Who Emigrated From Ukraine, Tells Biden, Zelenskyy to 'Stop Playing Politics' Over War Aid

AP Photo/David Dermer

Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (R-IN) emigrated from Ukraine, and she is sending a somber message to Presidents Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy about the billions of dollars being shipped to Ukraine amid the ongoing war with Russia.


Spartz, in a new, exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, warns that Russia has a “strategic interest” in taking over Ukraine’s intellectual property and raw materials. She also speaks about the “reluctant and slow” reaction by Biden and Zelenskyy to take action to reduce Russia’s military, propaganda, and intelligence successes in Ukraine.

One solution, she argues, is for Congress and Biden to adopt “urgent action items” for the aid we’re giving Ukraine, adding that Biden must “have a clear strategy” — and he and Zelenskyy need to “stop playing politics with people’s lives.”

So far, the U.S. has sent about $7.3 billion of aid to Ukraine since February. Spartz says that Congress has a duty and responsibility to make sure there is “transparency and oversight” of taxpayer money.


“We need to be able to make sure that this money is spent efficiently and also that we have ability to be accountable to our taxpayers. And I think that is a must that Congress has to establish … It’s very unusual situation since we really don’t have our people on the ground. So we have to be creative. But I’m sure, as a former auditor, I can give a few suggestions and get it done very easy. So it’s not that hard to do. We can get it done, and I think we must have it done.”

She admits that how the situation has been handled so far leaves her “kind of embarrassed”:

“As a proud American, first and foremost, I’m kind of embarrassed that we let [Russia] get away with so much. But I think there is no time for games and politics right now. And our leaders and President Zelenskyy need to learn.”

She calls on Zelenskyy to transition Ukraine entirely into “war mode,” instead of acting as if life was normal at a time of war.

“It’s not a rebuilding mode right now. [The] country [is] in the middle of a major war. And you have to treat it as the war. You cannot have life as usual, unfortunately, or you have it a very long time, and it’s going to be very bad.”


Spartz concludes by urging Biden to “work with Republicans” on an issue like national security, “where Congress can come together if the president wants to lead”:

“So he needs to start governing and work with Republicans if he wants to work, because there are a lot of divisive issues. There are a lot of issues we’re going to be in the trenches fighting. But I think national security, this is an issue where Congress can come together if the president wants to lead, and he needs to stop being afraid to lead.”

It is clear that the United States will continue to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, but as Spartz noted, the Oversight Committee needs to make sure the money is spent efficiently. That will ensure Ukraine has strong standing, and taxpayer money is being used effectively.


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