America Speaking Out: Your Voice Matters

I am proud to join my Republican colleagues to announce the creation of America Speaking OutAmerica Speaking Out is a project to create a new set of policies to generate real solutions for the problems our country is current facing – and it gives every American the opportunity to take part in the discussion of exactly how to do that.


The Democratic leadership in Congress and President Obama’s administration have repeatedly failed to listen to the will of the American people.  Between the incredibly unpopular government run health care law, the job killing cap-and-tax legislation, or the multiple taxpayer funded bailouts, the American people have had enough and deserve to have their voices heard.  America Speaking Out will allow just that – an opportunity for every American to share their ideas, express their opinions, and actually be heard by their members of Congress.

In order to reach the largest number of people possible, House Republicans set up an America Speaking Out website.  There, you can post comments on proposed policies, interact with other people across the nation, and share new ideas – no matter your political affiliation.  These ideas and information will be incorporated with the Republican principles of smaller federal government, lower taxes, more government accountability, and family values to create a real plan to get our country back on the right path and restore the broken bonds of trust between the American people and their elected leaders – a bond that has become broken during this Congress.


In my 50 annual town hall meetings, many of you have told me that you agree with my votes against the government takeover of health care, cap-and-tax, and the countless government bailouts, but ask me what my Republican colleagues stand for – not just against.  America Speaking Out gives you a chance to let me and my colleagues know how you think we can best help you and your fellow Americans and to incorporate those ideas and opinions into a set of real solutions that will create a change that Americans actually want.

To join in the nationwide effort, you can visit  I would like to encourage every Oklahoman – no matter you political affiliation – to visit America Speaking Out and let your voices be heard.  This is your government, so we need your input to make it work for you.


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