Trump's Ohio County Chair Resigns in Racism Flap

Donald Trump is apparently not the shield against political correctness that Kathy Miller might have believed he was.

Earlier today, we covered the unfolding saga of one of Trump’s Ohio County Campaign Chairs Kathy Miller, who has come under fire for saying in an interview with the Guardian that there was no racism in America before Barack Obama, not even in the 60s. She also said, among other things, that black people did not vote because of “the way they were raised,” and that if anyone who’s black in America hasn’t gotten ahead, it’s their own damn fault.

Now, here’s a few things about what this woman said that bear noting. First, as it’s been pointed out a number of places, this woman’s claims are absolutely absurd and beyond which offensive. For someone who lived through the 60s and 70s within spitting distance of Kent State and Youngstown to say that they never saw racism in the 60s and 70s just beggars the imagination. I mean there are three basic possibilities that might explain that kind of statement from someone with that life experience: a) they are themselves incredibly racist and thus anything that happens to black people is just what they deserve and not racism; or b) they don’t know what the word “racism” actually means; or c) they are lying. If you want a decent breakdown you can read here.

The second thing about her remarks, though, is that the coming of Donald Trump was supposed to foreshadow the return of the days when you could say patent whitewashing nonsense like this and not suffer shaming in public. Political correctness is supposed to be dead, Trump is supposed to be fighting back, he’s going to be standing with his people who are sick and tired having to do the exhausting work of thinking a second before being offensive.

Kathy Miller might be the first of many people to learn that Trump’s magical ability to spew offensive nonsense nonstop without political consequence is not actually transferrable to his supporters or political allies:

Donald Trump’s campaign chair in a crucial Ohio county has resigned after an interview with the Guardian in which she said there was no racism in America until the election of Barack Obama.

Kathy Miller, who was coordinating the Republican nominee’s campaign in Mahoning County, apologized for her “inappropriate” remarks on Thursday and said she would no longer have a role with the campaign.

Well, there you have it. We salute you, Kathy Miller: You might not get to say whatever you want consequence free, but well done falling on your grenade for Trump so that he can continue to do so.


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