Did Something Go Wrong at Trump's Physical?

Did Something Go Wrong at Trump's Physical?
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to a round table on child care before delivering a policy speech, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, in Aston, Penn. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Obviously, I don’t know what happened at Trump’s physical, but all the signs point to the very strong possibility that Trump’s physical turned up something negative that he doesn’t want to discuss. First, Trump was raring to release all his records and to go on Dr. Oz to discuss them. He was openly taunting Hillary Clinton for allegedly hiding an undisclosed medical condition. Then he went to actually have his physical.

In the interim, Hillary suffered her much-discussed fall on Sunday, and Trump was strangely reticent to discuss it, or to criticize Hillary for not having the health or stamina to do her job. Then yesterday, his campaign started making noises about not releasing any kind of extensive medical information about either candidate. Then this morning, they set the bar even lower in terms of what we should expect to learn from this carefully scripted kabuki dance with Dr. Oz:


As the morning has worn on, the campaign has become more definitive that the physical will not be discussed:



Look, we were never going to learn much substantive information from this Dr. Oz thing anyway, but the campaign seems to be intentionally ruling out the idea of any kind of examination of Trump’s physical at all, which was the ostensible purpose for this entire Dr. Oz appearance to begin with.

Again, I don’t know what Trump’s physical revealed, and I suppose it’s technically possible that everything checked out fine. But it doesn’t take much imagination to connect the dots and see a less-than-completely-clean bill of health for Trump in his physical last week.

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