Trump's Campaign Manager Suddenly Opposes Release of Candidate Medical Records (VIDEO)

For those of us who paid attention to the primary, it’s almost tiresome how predictable this all is. After spending weeks on the trail bashing Ted Cruz for the fact that Goldman Sachs “owned” him because Cruz had taken out a loan from Goldman Sachs, it was revealed that Trump himself was in hock to virtually every bank on Wall Street to the tune of several hundred million dollars. Over and over again throughout the campaign, whenever Trump went on the offensive against one of his rivals, you could bet that he was trying to deflect attention from his own problems in that regard.


So Trump and his campaign spent months implying that Hillary Clinton had an undisclosed medical condition. This made it virtually certain that Trump is hiding some medical issues of his own, just because that’s how he operates.

Well, when it turned out that Clinton really DID have some health issues that got forced into the public spotlight, the press went from disdainfully treating the issue like a conspiracy theory to turning their attention to Trump’s health. And, as the press noted, Trump himself was weirdly not taunting Hillary for having suffered the most embarrassing moment of her campaign.

Wonder why.

Enter Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on MSNBC today:

Rough Transcript follows:

Andrea Mitchell: So what are we gonna learn about the medicals… condition… health report… tomorrow, from Donald Trump? (I transcribed this awful question exactly as it occurred)

Kellyanne Conway: Well, Mr. Trump had a physical late last week, Andrea, in advance of us knowing that Hillary Clinton had pneumonia or obviously what happened on 9/11 in the tape we’ve all seen. So he had that physical late last week because he believes that it’s important for the public to know what his basic health condition is. And, he has said that the doctor is preparing his report, and that it will be made available this week.

Mitchell: And was it with Dr. Bornstein? (Ed note: Dr. Bornstein is the doctor who wrote the widely-ridiculed letter praising Trump’s health)

Conway: Uh, that I don’t know, I wasn’t present for his physical.

Mitchell: So we don’t know if this is the same doctor who released that report in December that…. well, very brief, four or five paragraph letter.

Conway: But remember Andrea, I’m with Dr. Oz and millions of Americans on this, I don’t know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. And frankly (here Conway diverges into a tangent about Obamacare).


Look, as I said yesterday, it is perfectly obvious that Clinton doesn’t have perfect health because there’s almost no such thing as a 70 year old who does. Well guess what, Trump is even older than Clinton, and he’s male (so he’s farther along the aging curve), and there’s no evidence that he has ever gone to any sort of lengths to take care of himself, physically speaking. The chances that Trump himself has a number of background physical issues really are pretty close to 100%.

But Trump is probably even more insecure about letting on that there’s anything physically wrong than Clinton is, so now you see this furious scrambling to say, “No one ever said we should release health records that say everything!”



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