Donald Trump's New Slogan is Even More Depressing than the Old One

If you’ve been watching Donald Trump on the campaign trail over the last week or so, you’ll notice that he has a new slogan, one that seems to have largely supplanted “Make America Great Again,” at least insofar as it pertains to Trump’s largely incompetent outreach efforts to minority voters. That slogan, you might have noticed, is “It Can’t Get Any Worse, What Have You Got to Lose.”

This is really just more proof that Trump is not the second coming of Reagan, in spite of what some of his older supporters might like to claim. He has no vision of an America that has existed at any point in his life that has been positive or uplifting. Even back in the 80s, when Reagan was in office, he was criticizing the United States as “weak” and praising the Chinese for their brutal suppression of democracy.

The reality, of course, is that things can get a lot worse – and that includes even in the worst American inner city. Every American has quite a lot to lose by putting a person who doesn’t know what the hell he is doing in the White House. America is not the third-world hellhole Trump believes that it is, and even if it was, nothing he has suggested would make the problem better.

I don’t know, it seems like a candidate who’s trailing handily in all the polls would come up with a better sales pitch than trying to convince people that their lives are total crap, but what do I know.

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