You Won't Believe this SICK BURN Trump Just Landed on Hillary (VIDEO)

Come, I will confess to you. This title was clickbait. This is actually possibly the worst burn anyone has ever landed on anyone, in the entire history of burns, beginning with when God favored Abel’s sacrifice, and Abel turned to Cain and said, “Burn.” I’m gonna show you a video of this, and then also include the transcript. And I know most of you who are reading this at work are just gonna read the transcript and you’re gonna think you know the whole story here but you won’t.


You need to boot up your iPhone or whatever doesn’t have YouTube blocked at work and watch this clip, because Trump is almost literally morphing into Will Farrell’s “Jacob Silj” character right before our eyes. Without further ado, here is the video:

Rough transcript:

To Hillary Clinton and her donors (pause) AND advisors (pause) pushing her (straining to read) to spread smears and her lies about decent people (helpfully and awkwardly indicating toward the crowd) I have three words. (long pause) I want you (pause) to remember these three words(total lack of a pause)shame on you!!

Woooow, I can’t believe he went THERE. Just right past the yellow light and the red light and directly into “SHAME ON YOU” territory. Allow me to sum up the response of virtually everyone on the planet with a .gif!


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