A (Hopefully) Hypothetical Question for Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell

This is a question that is not asked with any malice or ill will, but rather only with genuine curiosity. Imagine the following scenario (which isn’t all THAT far fetched) occurs:

  • Donald Trump loses on November 8th;
  • After the dust clears from the Nov. 8th Senate races, the composition of the next Senate is 50 Republicans, 49 Democrats;
  • No candidate clears 50% in the Louisiana election, necessitating a runoff between the top two candidates;
  • The top two candidates are David Duke and some liberal Democrat; and
  • Duke promises to vote against any liberal SCOTUS nominee Hillary brings to the table, while the Democrat promises to vote FOR any SCOTUS nominee Hillary brings to the table, no matter how liberal or corrupt.

In this scenario, would you endorse David Duke? Would you publicly go on television and defend the things David Duke has said over the years? Would you employ pressure and threats to bring Republicans who denounced David Duke in line?

If not, why not? Please show your work, in particular distinguishing why this scenario is meaningfully different from the decision of whether to endorse Trump or not.

You don’t have to answer it to me, I guess, but you should probably get around to answering it to yourself, at least – just in case.

Of course, we’re not likely to get an out-loud answer from any of the three people mentioned in the title – But what about you? What about the rest of you who claim  you’re fighting for the Supreme Court? What’s YOUR answer?

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