If the GOP Ever Wants to Win Again, They Need to Be Ready to Purge People Like This from the Party

After November, the GOP is going to have to do some soul searching and decide how much of Trump and Trumpism they want to ingest on a permanent basis into the party. Disagree with the folks at the RNC on strategy or not, they are not stupid. They know good and well that when Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after Indiana, Trump at that time only had 37% of the Republican primary vote.


They know that represents huge, supermajority opposition to Trump among Republican primary voters. In terms of actual Republicans (as distinguished from the Democrats who crossed over to vote for Trump in open primaries), Trump’s level of support is much lower. The RNC knows that there are a great many Republicans who are reluctantly voting for Trump during this election because of Hillary, but who have no interest in staying long-term in a party that is defined by Trumpism. I think the RNC dares not embrace full Trumpism as a permanent feature of the party, and discussions are doubtless occurring about the path forward if November turns out to be a bloodbath.

However, they also realize that losing all of Trump’s supporters permanently would also mortally wound the party as a national entity. I honestly don’t envy the folks in positions of authority in the party in terms of the cleanup job they are going to have after November, and the delicate balancing act they have in front of them, in terms of disowning Trump and his campaign while keeping as many Trump supporters as possible.

I will tell you, however, that if people like this are allowed to remain in positions of prominence and influence in the party, the Republican party will soon be reduced to Trump supporters exclusively – and that would represent the absolute death of the party as a relevant political entity.

Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of Supervisors and head of the Trump campaign in Virginia, called Republican support for Johnson/Weld “traitorous and destructive.”

There is no such thing as an anti-Trump group,” Stewart told AMI Newswire. “Anti-Trump is pro-Hillary, and that’s what groups like this really are.”

He wasn’t finished.

“If we lose, I’ll know where to go to place blame,” Stewart said. “If they want careers in politics afterwards, they won’t get them. They’ll be destroyed. This is treason against Trump. For whatever reason — their pride, their personal interests — they will damage America permanently by helping elect Hillary Clinton. They are immature babies who are tearing down the Republican Party.”


Treason against Trump. These are words this person actually uttered non-ironically. And he isn’t the only one who thinks this way. And if people like him are allowed to hang around in positions of prominence and authority, the immediate death of the party is more or less totally assured.


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