Don't Look Now, but Donald Trump Has Had a Pretty Good Day of Polling

I don’t really get the sense that Trump has actually regained his feet after a bad couple of weeks, but there were a number of polls released within the last 24 hours that will at least give those who are desperate for some optimism about the Trump campaign some reason to hope.

First, the LA Times/USC released another national poll, which is always good news for Trump. When this election is over, Trump is going to just purchase the LA Times for the nostalgic value. The LAT is going to go right on predicting that Trump is ahead or tied right up until the point that Trump loses by 10, but he will still say they have the best polls. In any event, this poll shows Clinton with a bare 1 point lead.

Second, a poll was released of Texas voters that shows Trump maintaining a relatively comfortable 11 point lead, which hopefully will abate some of the panic that Trump might have to play defense in Texas, of all places.

Other news: Rasmussen (Clinton +3) and Reuters (Clinton +6) continue to view this as a relatively tight race, which is better than the double-digit race that some other pollsters are seeing.

The state polling was likewise pretty good for Trump yesterday, with a Fox 13/Opinion Savvy poll showing him only trailing in Florida by one point, a Suffolk poll showing him with a 1 point lead in Iowa, and a Gravis poll showing him with a 4 point lead in Georgia.

Now, even if all these polls are accurate, they still paint a picture of a campaign that Trump is losing. However, they show him losing by a manageable margin, as opposed to an absolute blowout, which means that they represent a pretty significant improvement from previous days’ polling.

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