BREAKING: Kasich Confirms Trump Offered him the VP Slot (VIDEO)

Just now on State of the Union with Jake Tapper, John Kasich confirmed a rumor that has been floating around for weeks, that Donald Trump Jr. offered him a VP slot on behalf of his dad. Specifically, the rumor was more detailed than that: that in order to entice Kasich, they specifically offered to put him “in charge of all domestic and foreign policy.” One wonders what Trump actually has interest in doing.


According to Kasich, he never got a call from Trump Jr. personally but one of his aides did get such a call and reported it to him. He never followed up on it because he had no interest in doing it at all. Watch:

Rough transcript follows:

Tapper: There was a report in the New York Times that Donald Trump Jr. called you and tried to suss out your feelings, your interest in being the Vice President and said you would be able to run domestic and foreign policy. Is that report true?

Kasich: I never got a call, apparently my aides did.

Tapper: Donald Trump Jr. did call one of your aides and have that conversation?

Kasich: That’s what the reports are, but, you know, I don’t…

Tapper: Your aides said that that’s accurate?

Kasich: One of them has told me, yes….

Tapper: That it was accurate?

Kasich: Yeah. But I never got a call and that’s yesterday, and again, I said during the campaign and nobody in the press believed me, you know, I might have agreed to be George Washington’s Vice President (Kasich goes on at length about how great the job of being Governor of Ohio is and how he doesn’t want to be anyone’s VP).


Well there you have it. Now I guess we get to spend several days trying to figure out which aide received the call and then this controversy will drag on for some period of time.

On a related note, if you actually watched the video, how weird is John Kasich, in terms of his interpersonal relationships? Why is he not able to look in the camera or at Jake Tapper for any appreciable length of time before looking off in weird directions where nothing apparent is happening? Why does he answer even the simplest of questions with these goofy asides? It’s a wonder that he’s had as much electoral success as he’s had.


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